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I would start with the car and then move to the homeowners.


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This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.

comprehensive, also known as "other than collision", or possibly the homeowner's or the object's owner's.

1 cubic yard of covers 27/depth in feet square feet.

1 square yard of dirt covers up to 9 square feet of ground.

No that would never ever happen in a billion-gazzilion years!

A square yard covers, well, one square yard of ground. One could also say it covers nine square feet, or 1,296 square inches. A square yard is a measurement of area. It is not a measurement of the actual surface.

You can get insurance with a zip line in your yard. It may cost a little bit more as this would be considered somewhat of a liability.

A yard of concrete covers about 3 feet. This is because a yard is generally equal to about 3 feet.

VW camper vans are not that hard to obtain in today's world. Some places to find a VW camper van for a low price would be at second hand car yard. They sell all types of vehicles, from motorcycles to vans.

Liability insurance covers the insured against the claims of others. For example, your neighborhood kid wanders in your back yard, falls into the unguarded/unfenced pool and drowns. Or your mailman gets severely bitten by your "sweet dog" that hurt a fly! Fires are covered by property insurance, such as a dwelling's fire or hazard policy.

The area covered by one cubic yard of Mulch is dependant on the depth that themulch is applied. At 3" it covers 108 ft2, at one inch it covers over 300 ft2.The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 324/(depth of the mulch, in inches)

can a boat on a trailer and a separate trailer be parked on a side yard of a home at the property line between houses in brookhaven town of setauket ny

If a driver runs off the road, into someone's yard, and damages a tree in the yard that has some decrative value the drivers liability insurance will pay for the damages to the yard and tree.

1 cubic yard covers 27/depth in feet square feet.

No. A yard measures a straight line, which is 3 feet long. A square yard measures a square that is 3 feet long on each side. Multiply two sides to get the total area of a square yard. So a yard is 3 feet long and a square yard covers an area of 9 feet.

Insurance laws vary by state. In all the states I am aware of the liability would cover the trailer from the vehicle pulling it but physical damage does not. If you do not have a need to cover it for physical damage then no insurance is needed for the trailer. Be aware that it is not covered for damage to the trailer whether being towed or parked in the yard. Hope this helped. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

Get a crow bar and you can easily lift it out. Then you can do whatever you want in the manhole. Also manhole covers scrap at a junk yard for about 10 bucks.

Album covers aren't very hard to find when you know the right places. To find album covers look at yard sales, thrift shops, and ask people in your neighborhood.

No, You would need cycle insurance for your moped. Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for vehicles that are designed to operate on public roads.

The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 324/(depth in inches)

Depending on what insurance company you have and your plan. Most do in/near wooded areas.

If the lightning struck tree falls on our covered home and damages it, your insurance will cover it. If you've just got a lightning struck tree out in te yard, then that's considered a yard maintenance issue. The tree should be removed if it poses an increased threat to your property.

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