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Q: What insurance is needed to travel in Mexico from the US?
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Related questions

When getting travel insurance for Mexico is it classed as part of the US?

Only if you mean "New Mexico". Otherwise, you will require a different kind of insurance.

What are the requirements for selling travel insurance in the US?

The requirements for being a licensed seller of travel insurance vary by State. You should check with your State's Insurance Commission for what is needed for your State.

What is needed to get back into the us from Mexico?

I personally would recommend a good travel agent.

When was US Travel Insurance Association created?

US Travel Insurance Association was created in 2004.

Do you need travel auto insurance in Mexico if you have collision on your us insurance?

Yes, many places by the border can sell you Mexican auto insurance, you can also call your agent and he should be able to sell it to you or refer you to someone you can.

What ID is needed to travel to Mexico from US?

Your passport would be the best document to bring with you when you travel to Mexico from the US; either to board a plane (which will be required, actually) or when driving or walking into Mexico. It isn't as important to enter Mexico -- because it will not be asked for by Mexican immigration officers -- but it will become paramount went returning back to the United States.

Does mercury insurance cover in Mexico?

No US insurance company provides insurance fully recognized in Mexico. If you will be driving in Mexico you must buy insurance from a Mexican insurance company to be certain you will have the required coverage.

Can you purchase travel insurance from the post office?

It does not seem that you can buy travel insurance from a post office in the US. You can buy travel insurance from the post office in other countries though, such as the UK. Your travel agent or airline should be able to provide travel insurance.

Is a US insurance policy valid in mexico?


Are US citizen require travel insurance to visit Spain?

Travel insurance is never compulsory. It is however strongly recommended.

Is traveling to Mexico domestic or international traveling?

From the US? It is international travel. If you mean NEW Mexico, that is domestic travel, though.

Does auto insurance in the US cover car rental in Mexico?

Some policies have some provisions for Mexico use but most do not. I would purchase some Mexico specific insurance to make sure.

Where can I purchase cruise insurance from?

You can purchase travel insurance from some banks. RBC offers travel insurance. Another credible company that specializes in this area is Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company.

Is your US insurance good in Canada if you are a student there?

Yes it is, you just have to get a Canada Insurance Card from your insurance company. Polcies do not cover Mexico.

Do you need a passport to travel from California US to New Mexico US?


Is it compulsory to have the insurance to travel US or for a tour stay in US?

No there are no such compulsions. You may or may not have insurance to travel to USA or during a travel lodge. However, it would be wise to take travel insurance for trip lodge or stay in USA. The medical facilities are costlier in the nation. This will definitely serve as a matter of precaution. Sometimes the insurance policy covers to meet any eventuality. Legally, there is no compulsion on this.

Do US citizens need a visa to travel to Mexico?


Is travel to Mexico considered international travel?

From the US? Yes it is, if your destination is Mexico (capital: Mexico City), the country which lies south of the United States. If you mean New Mexico (capital: Santa Fe), that would be considered as domestic travel.

Is a passport needed to travel from Bermuda to us?

Yes, you need a passport to travel from Bermuda to the US and back.

Hallifax Travel Insurance Offers Peace of Mind?

Did you know that your US health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, is generally not accepted overseas? Hallifax travel insurance allows you to buy insurance for either a single trip or, if you travel internationally on a regular basis, you can purchase annual travel insurance. In addition to covering medical bills, Hallifax insurance also covers you in the event of cancellations, lost baggage and other travel woes.

Can you use an expired passport to travel form Mexico to another part of Mexico?

This makes no sense, but I think you mean if with an expired passport you can travel from Mexico to New Mexico or vice versa. In that case no, you need an ID or birth certificate if you are going to Mexico; if you are going to the US state of New Mexico from Mexico you need a passport AND a visa issued by the US government.

Which US agencies offer low cost travel insurance?

Many US agencies may offer low cost travel insurance. One of the more recommended options include InterMedical Insurance offered by USI Affinity, which charges as little as $.64 a day.

Is a passport needed to travel from a US Territory to the US?

Passport is a requisit.

How do you transfer a car title from Mexico to US?

We own a vacation home in Mexico but are U.S. citizens. We bought a car in Mexico to drive but the insurance is expensive. How do we go about transfering the title to the U.S. so we can purchase insurance from a U.S. company?

Is a passport all you need to travel into Mexico from the US?