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the hovercraft replaced the car and boat but the military didn't aprove of a veichle that could go on land-sea-air opersations all at once. the citezens also didn't like the idea but alot of people said it who help save lives.


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The hovercraft was invented by Christopher Cockerell in 1956, so it can be presumed that HE was most interested in the hovercraft. the military was also extremely interested in it.

The hovercraft is the invention of Christopher Cockerell. In 1956, he invented this vehicle that could move over water. The craft was designed to float on a cushion of air which required a mounted fan for power.

Hovercraft replaced many things, here is a list: Hovercraft replaced problems rescuing people from floods, mud, sand and ice. (Wake up Pakistan) Hovercraft replaced problems with submerged obstacles that can damage propellers. Hovercraft replaced having to commute long distances, just cross the river, lake, lagoon etc. Hovercraft replaced having to wait until high tide to have fun on the water. Hovercraft replaced problems reaching your waterside home. Hovercraft replaced falling through the ice when the ice thins in springtime. Sell the snowmobile, buy a Hov Pod.

The hovercraft was invented in 2005!

The hovercraft was invented in England

there is no hovercraft in gta4

i like to fly in my hovercraft!

How is friction cut down in a hovercraft? This is done by hovering over the surface Why is friction cut down in a hovercraft? Because the surface of the hovercraft is smooth

the hovercraft was invented by using alot of parts

Hovercraft Museum was created in 1988.

Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft in 1956.

hovercraft hovers and a parachute flies

a hovercraft hovers and an airboat floats

Hovercraft - band - was created in 1993.

British Hovercraft Corporation was created in 1966.

The hovercraft was invented in 1956. Christopher Cockerall was the inventor. The hovercraft phototype crossed the English channel four years after it was patented.

No, a hovercraft is not an airplane. a hovercraft is a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines.

Sir Christopher Cockerell began work on the hovercraft in 1953. If you type 'hovercraft inventor' into wikipedia it will give you the full article.

There are fans in the hovercraft that direct air downwards. The air is 'trapped' by the flexible skirt around the edge of the craft - this creates a cushion of air strong enough to allow the craft to float.

The power source of a hovercraft is generally a battery system with an electric motor or a gas engine. The hovercraft is lifted using a large fan.

create an invention to make it better!! ~carbon

Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell was an English engineer and inventor of the hovercraft.

They were these little parts of an invention where if that part of the invention broke, you wouldn't need to replace the whole thing. Just that little part

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