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What inventions made ancient Greeks life easier?

Surprising pottery made greeks life easier.Pottery let them eat,drink and make dinner

What did the ancient Greeks make?

Knowledge, culture, thoughts, philosophy, some inventions, astronomy etc. many sciences

How did the Greeks get the idia for gymnastics?

The Greeks had tons of ideas. They were just overflowing with thoughts and genius inventions.

What Phoenician inventions did the Greeks improve?

the Phoenicians invented the alphabet but then the Greeks adopted it form the Phoenicians and improved it by vowel addition.

What are some inventions of the Greeks?

The greeks invented the sundial, the anchor (first made of wood), maps, coined money, the vending machine and the compass.

How do you make inventions in doodle god?

You can't make inventions on Doodle God.

How do you make ben Franklins inventions?

You can make models of his inventions like the Franklin stove.

When were needles introduced?

they were introduced as soon as the Greeks had time to introduce them with all their awesome inventions going on

What are the inventions that the ancient Greeks made?

they invented the Olympics, applied science around 600 BC .

Are inventions from Greeks still used today?

Yes, many inventions from the Greeks like concrete, the arch, the aqueduct, anchors, and dice, to name just a few, are still used today. Others, like the dioptra and the stentorophonic tube are not as "famous" and are not as frequently used by the public.

How many inventions did Benjamin Banneker make?

He made 5 inventions.

What are good effects of inventions?

Well, medical inventions save lives, technological inventions make life easier, and scientific inventions advance knowledge.

What inventions did the Greeks came up with?

Greeks came up with alot of items. in fact Greek's came up with the way we classify organisms which is called taxonomist. that was invented my Aristotle.

How is lumber used?

it helps people to make other inventions what kind of inventions

What inventions could Nikola Tesla not make?

All his inventions were electricity related.

What were the main inventions of Mesopotamia?

the main inventions were farming and learning how to make city states

What inventions did the israelites make?

The Israelites make ugly

Did John Adams make inventions?


Did Hades make any inventions?

No, he did not.

What inventions did Artemis make?


Which of these was the most important way that the ancient Greeks contributed to the development of Western art?

The invention of the principles of perspective

How many inventions did Thomas Edison make?

over 1000 inventions from "The Wizard of Menlo Park"

Why did the Greeks make up myths?

Greeks make up myth to show why stuff are like what they are

What other inventions did madame cj walker make?

Madam C.J Walker didn't make any other inventions, but hair products.

Did the Mesopotamians make any inventions?

Yes they did, they made many inventions! Including the wheel and raft, ect.