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Several inventions led up to the telephone including electricity, the Leyden Jar, batteries, electromagnets, electromagnetic devices, transmitters, receivers, microphones, and the telegraph. The tin can telephone (Lover's telephone) and acoustic telephones also led up to the telephone.

Several inventors have been credited with inventing the telephone, including Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Bourseul, Antonio Meucci, Johann Philipp Reis, Elisha Gray and others. Bell was the first to patent the telephone.

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What earlier inventions that led to the telephone?

The Nintendo Gamecube, The Xbox, The Playstation, Bicycles.

What inventions did the telephone lead to?

The invention of the telephone established the first stage of telecommunications which eventually led to the invention of the Internet.

What inventions led up to the cell phone?

The Telegraph

What inventions led up to the gas mask?

the invention that led up to the gas mask was a cloth in front of your face

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What other inventions led up to the pen?

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How did thomas Edison affect science?

Thomas Edison was a legendary contributor to science with his inventions. He invented the light bulb and telephone which are major inventions used in everyday life. His inventions led to others that impacted society in the past, present, and future.

What did Alexander Graham Bell make?

A famous Scottish inventor of the late 19th and early 20t centuries, he came up with the telephone as a teacher of the deaf. He also invented the multiple telegraph, the first wax recording cylinder (which led to thephonograph) and the hydrodome, a hydrofoil, among other inventions. He also made a lot of money. His telephone invention led to his forming Bell Telephone Company and later American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).

What inventions led up to the light bulb?

poo and pee craped snooze

What other inventions led up the roller skates?

Shoes and ball bearings.

How has car inventions led to other inventions?

paved roads

What are some useful inventions?

Some useful inventions are the light bulb, wheel, and the telephone.

What were the greatest inventions of Victorian times?

the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell and his inventions?


What inventions did Alexander Graham invent?


Identify the major inventions that led to the development of the internet as we know it?

what were the major inventions that led to the development of the internet as we know it

What inventions are most popular these days?

The telephone and internal-combustion engine inventions are quite popular.

How did the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell affect the world?

Because he invented the telephone and other inventions

What other inventions led up to the laptop?

the first computer people needed a portable computer

What was Emile Berliner's inventions connection to the Bell Telephone Company?

Emile Berliner invented an improved telephone transmitter (one of the first microphones) which was acquired by the Bell Telephone Company. Most of his inventions, however, had to do with the phonograph.

What inventions improved life at home?

the telephone and the TV

What inventions come from the invention of the telephone?

Cell phones

What was Alexander gram bells inventions?

The telephone was invented by him.

What were some of the inventions in 900s-1400?


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