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Some inventions that came about during the Great Depression in the United States were the electric wringer washing machine, men's electric razor, the game Monopoly, and a Xerox copy machine. The chocolate chip cookie also came about during this time.

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Inventions made During the Great Depression?

chocolate chip cookies, the dry electric razor, the xerox machine

What inventions was in the great depression?

U know not alot would be made in the depression so only 4 things were made u figure out what things were made

Where was unemployment during the Great Depression?

Unemployment was everywhere during the Great Depression. What made the depression so great was that a larger than normal percentage of the population was not employed.

Who made guns during the Great Depression?

your fat mom

When was the first monopoly game made?

1930, during the Great Depression.

What kind of furniture was there during the great depression?

made from old wood and dilapidated

What kind of toys did the children play with during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression, many children played with home-made toys. Young girls often played with dolls made from fabric from old clothing and curtains.

Why did the banks close during the Great Depression?

The banks closed during the Great Depression simply because they ran out or nearly ran out of money. Later deposits made in banks were guaranteed by the federal government.

What type of clothes did women wear during the Great Depression?

they wore dress made of bags

Was there pizza during the Great Depression?

Only when they made it, so yes. But only meat lovers.

What inventions were made during 1756?


What made the great depression end?

The 2nd World War ended the Great Depression.

How was city life during the great depression?

Your mum made frankenstien look like the top model

How were dollar bills made?

They were made during the Great Depression when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president. During the depression, the only way to rebuild America was to lend people money. This is when dollar bills were made, called Federal Reserve Notes. This was they way that put the Great Depression to an end. (check a dollar bill and you'll see federal reserve note on the top)

How much was a doctor paid each week during Great Depression?

During the Great Depression a physician found it very difficult to collect fees for services rendered as no one had any money. They most often made no weekly pay.

What inventions were made during the 1940s?

Radar Television

Who made the great depression worse?

I did.

What were hovversville?

Hoovervilles were "houses" made out of newspapers and other things during the Great Depression. They got their name from the previous president Hoover who promised that the Great Depression wouldn't last and that things would improve... nothing did and the Great Depression did last and didn't improve, instead it worsened.

Did Albert Einstein change the way people lived with his inventions?

Yes, because he made such great inventions.

Inventions made during world war 1?


What are the inventions made during Industrial Revolution?

many things

What inventions were made during the time Mozart was alive?

the battery

What inventions were made during the Russian revolution?

steam engines

Were more millionaires made per capita during The Great Depression than at any other time in history?


Why was Roosevelt reelected so many times?

Because was making jobs for the jobless during the great depression which made him popular

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