What is 'Elsie'?


Elsie is the name of a town in Michigan and Nebaska, it is also a cow, and a Quebec Politician.

Elsie is a German Female name.

Elsie is a village located in Clinton County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the village had a total population of 1,055. Elsie is known as the dairy capital of Michigan, and holds an annual dairy festival. There is a large statue of Elsie the cow located on the village's main street.

The village consists of two noncontiguous portions within Duplain Township in the northeast portion of Clinton County and the southwest part of Gratiot county.

Elsie is a village located in Perkins County, Nebraska. As of the 2000 census, the village had a total population of 139.

Elsie the Cow is the advertising mascot of the Borden Company, now primarily used to promote the Dairy Farmers of America cooperative's Borden cheese products.

She was created in the 1930s to symbolize the Perfect Dairy Product, and made a live appearance at the New York World's Fair in 1939. She also starred in a movie, RKO's Little Men, in 1940. For a time in the mid-1940s, she was better known than some human celebrities, and she remains among the most recognizable product logos in the United States.

Her husband is Elmer the Bull, who was later loaned to Borden's chemical division as the mascot for Elmer's Glue. Their offspring included Beulah, Beauregard (born 1948), and twins Larabee and Lobelia (born 1957). The first Elsie, "You'll do Lobelia," is from the Walker Gordon Dairy Farm in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey.

Elsie Lefebvre (born in Montreal on May 5, 1979) is a Quebec politician. She is a Member of the National Assembly for the Laurier-Dorion riding and official critic for Community Action within the Parti Quebecois shadow government in Quebec City. She is trilingual, in French, Spanish and English.