What is 'Questa piazza è la più bella d'Italia' when translated from Italian to English?

"This square is the most beautiful in Italy" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Questa piazza è la più bella d'Italia.

Specifically, the feminine indefinite adjective questa is "this." The feminine noun piazza means "piazza, square." The present indicative verb è means "(it) is." the feminine definite article la means "the." The comparative/superlative più means "more, most" according to context. The feminine adjective bella means "beautiful." The preposition di* means "of." The feminine noun Italia translates as "Italy."

The pronunciation will be "KWEY-sta PYAT-tsa eh la pyoo BEL-la dee-TA-lya" in Italian.

*The vowel drops -- and is replaced by an apostrophe -- before a noun whose spelling begins with a vowel.