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What is 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' about?



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This sermon, preached by Jonathan Edwards at the church at Enfield Conneticut, on July 8, 1741, has as its text Deuteronomy 32:35 'They shall slide in due time.'

Edwards described in this message the position of the Israelites under the sentence of condemnation by God for sin. He described how, even though they were indeed condemned, and God was not lacking in power, they were not yet fallen to destruction because of the grace of God which gave them opportunity to repent and change their ways before it was too late.

Secondly, in drawing a specific application to the people to whom he was preaching, he applied this same situation to them as was well known, that, even though spiritual revival had swept through neighboring towns, Enfield was untouched and the people of Enfield were largely indifferent and did not care if it came there or not. Edwards described that, even though God's judgment had not fallen, it could at any time, and would certainly fall on any who persisted in unbelief, despite having had numerous and clear opportunity to hear the Gospel truth and repent.

Thus, even though there is a clear presentation of the ever present possibility of judgment, there is a clear call to the repentance which will avert that judgment.