What is 'your friend' in German?

your friend=dein Freund pronounced dein[as in the English word dine] freu[like roy with an f in front of it]nd[like end without the vowel e]=dien froynd

In the plural it is euer Freund (oi-air froynd), and in the formal it is ihr Freund (ear froynd).
of course if you mean it as a salutation at the end of a letter than a more proper ending would be something like:
herzliche Grüße=kindest regards pronounced herz[like hair on your head with a 'ts' at the end]liche[somewhat like leash for a dog with an uh sound at the end] grü[like grew as in plants]ße[a double s sound "sssss" then an uh sound to finish it off]=hairtsleashuh grewssuh
but say it fast as if you actually know what you're talking about ; ]