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Divine Fallacy is not limited just to Christians. The fallacy of attributing the unexplained to deities is so common that it has been given its own name, "Divine Fallacy". The term refers to a special form of an argument from incredulity. It is a form of reasoning that says, "I can't understand this, so God must have done it." Or, "This is amazing, so God did it." Or even, "I can't think of any other explanation, therefore, God did it." A more subtle form of Divine fallacy is the Trinitarian doctrine, when it involves the argument that if Jesus has a divine nature then this proves he is "God" by identity.

When people have a good explanation in hand, they are less likely to believe a supernatural answer on top of the already sufficient answer and regard the supernatural explanation as an "unnecessary hypothesis." This requires a response from Christians.

The usual Christian response is to assert even more forcefully that their hypothesis is undoubtedly true.

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Q: What is 'Divine Fallacy' and how do Christians respond to it?
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