What is 'NGC'?

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It could be any of a number of things, depending on your context; National Geographic Channel, National Guideline Clearinghouse, National Gallery of Canada, National Graduate Caucus, Spiral Galaxy NCG-4565, New general catalogue, New Generation Computing Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation...and many more.

If you found it on a star map, it almost certainly means "New General Catalogue," which is a listing of so-called "deep sky objects" put together at the end of the 19th century. There are several thousand objects in the catalogue; each is assigned a unique number. The NCG objects include galaxies, nebula, clusters, etc. The NGC is a much more extensive collection than earlier catalogs such as the Messier catalog.

Of course, it could also mean "Nintendo Game Cube" - a previous generation games console.

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Q: What is 'NGC'?
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Is NGC 5458 a star?

No. NGC 5458 is a galaxy.

What type of star is NGC 2372?

NGC 2371-2 (aka NGC 2371 or NGC 2372) is a dual lobed planetary nebula found in the constellation of Gemini.

When was Carmiooro NGC created?

Carmiooro NGC was created in 2008.

When did Carmiooro NGC end?

Carmiooro NGC ended in 2010.

What is the list of unlikely candidates for the Star Wars galaxy?

The list of unlikely candidates for the Star Wars galaxy are: ACS-GC 13003331 BFB2004 NGC 4676 1176 BFB2004 NGC 4676 1289 BFB2004 NGC 4676 2934 BFB2004 VV 29 127 BFB2004 VV 29 3094 COSMOS 1161898 ISOHDFS 27 NGC 253 NGC 514 NGC 891 NGC 908 NGC 2770 NGC 3370 NGC 5247 NGC 5364 NGC 6118 NGC 7331 PGC 165514 PGC 169337 PGC 198197 PGC 1175571 PGC 1368199 PGC 1375823 PGC 1442333 PGC 1669768 PGC 1762846 PGC 2416052 PGC 2631284 PGC 3080366 and millions of other spiral galaxies in the universe

Who discover NGC 1232?

Galaxy NGC 1232 was discovered by William Herschel.

What is the length of a year on the planet ngc 3079?

NGC 3079 is a galaxy, not a planet.

What constellation is NGC 6723 located in?

NGC 6723 is a globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius.

To which galaxy group does NGC 7331 belong?

Believe it or not, the NGC 7331 group of galaxies.

What type of galaxy is NGC 3486?

NGC 3486 is a type Sb spiral galaxy.

What are the names of some elliptical galaxies?

M32 - DwarfM49M59M60 (NGC 4649)M87 (NGC 4486) - SupergiantM89M105 (NGC 3379)Maffei 1, the closest giant elliptical galaxy.

What does NGC mean in astronomy?

New General Catalog. An NGC number is a number assigned to an object in the catalog that has this name.

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