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What is 'Terra Firma'?

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Terra Firma is the ground, or the firm earth. It represents the ground we stand on unshaken and not moving.

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The astronauts were ecstatic to be back on terra firma?

Terra firma

What should be italicized in The astronauts were ecstatic to be back on terra firma?

terra firma

How do you use terra firma in a sentence?

Terra firma is a noun (firm land), so..."The scientist saw no terra firma in the alien territory.""Exhausted and weakened with scurvy, the jubilant sailors stumbled off the ship and kissed the ground, glad to be back on terra firma."These are only a few examples of terra firma.

Why is the other name of earth called terra firma?

"Terra" is Latin for "earth" or "land," and "firma" means "solid." "Terra firma"therefore means "solid land."

How would you use terra firma in a sentence?

The astronaut said that he was glad to be back on terra firma.

What is Terra Firma Capital Partners's population?

The population of Terra Firma Capital Partners is 100.

What is an English word for latin terra?

terra - land as in terra firma

When was Terra Firma - song - created?

Terra Firma - song - was created on 2007-10-29.

What are the release dates for Terra Firma - 2014?

Terra Firma - 2014 was released on: USA: 16 April 2014

What words begin with the prefix terra?

terracotta and terra firma

When was Terra Firma - Tommy Emmanuel album - created?

Terra Firma - Tommy Emmanuel album - was created in 1995.

What is the latin term for earth?

Terra Firma.

What is firm or solid earth?

Terra Firma

Terra firm is another term for what?

Terra Firma is another term for solid ground

What does the latin word tera mean?

Terra, as in terra firma, means earth, or land.

Terra firma is another term for what?

"Solid ground"

What is a science word that starts with t?

Terra firma

What is a synonym for ground?

earth, land, terra firma

What is translation to English of the latin words Terra Ferma?

Terra Firma means "solid earth"

What does terrafirma mean?

terra firma means solid earth

What is an another name for land?

Area. Terra. Grounds. Real estate, real property, terra firma.

What does terrafirma mean in latin?

terra firma means "solid earth"

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