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What is 'frau' when translated from German into English?

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"The_German_word_for_woman_or_wife." id=

"The_German_word_for_woman_or_wife.">The German word for woman or


Also a German courtesy title or form of address for an adult woman.

Frau Schmidt = Mrs. Schmidt

Frau would be woman and Ehefrau is the 'wife'

[Technically true, but in normal conversation husband and wife

are referred to as "Mann und Frau." I would never, for example at a

perfume shop, say that "Das Parfum ist für meine Ehefrau." This

would imply that I have some other kind of Frau that I could be

giving gifts to as well. When introducing yourself as a couple you

would never say "Das ist meine Ehefrau."]

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