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The general word for "nasty" is desagradable. (unpleasant)

The word required could be asqueroso (disgusting) or feo (ugly).

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Q: What is 'nasty' in Spanish?
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How do you say nasty in spanish?


How do you spell hurry up nasty in Spanish?

to hurry up = darse prisa nasty = asqueroso

How do you say nasty boy in Spanish?

Mal muchacho.

How do you say im a nasty girl in spanish?


How do you say nasty pig in spanish?

Cerdo asqueroso

What does asquerosa mean in spanish?

Translation: Nasty OR Repugnant

Why did your filipino forefathers suffer from spanish policies?

its because Spanish policies are so harsh and nasty

How do you say but you still nasty in spanish?

pero todavAa usted desagradable.

How do you say that's nasty in Spanish?

Esta fuchila."Ess-tah foo-chee-lah"This is the Spanish slang word (fuchi, fuchila) for gross or disgusting.A formal term for nasty or gross is desagradable(unpleasant).

What does es muy cochino marana mean in spanish?

Translation: He or she is a nasty pig

Relations between Cuba and the Spanish during the Spanish American War?

Strained at best, routinely hostile and often downright nasty.

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chinche (bedbug) sabandija (nasty insect) insecto (insect)

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That's a sexual aluring frase in english, in spanish we would say, "Eres un chico malo"

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hola cómo estás, el clima es realmente desagradable hoy

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