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What is 'paralysis of will'?

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It is the phenomenon experienced by those with ADD in which, when dealing with sudden stressful situations or confrontation, or while attempting to make important or nonimportant decisions, the brain seems to cease to function, and the person is literally mentally paralyzed for a short period of time, usually until the situation is resolved or the conflict/confrontation has ended. This is often followed by periods of extreme self analysis and guilt.

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What body system is affected by paralysis?

The body's nervous system is affected by paralysis. There are different types of paralysis. These can range from either paralysis from the waist down, or paralysis from the neck down.

What is Todd's paralysis?

Todd's paralysis is a brief period of paralysis that occurs in the aftermath of a seizure.

What is descending paralysis?

Descending paralysis is when the paralysis starts in the upper extremity's and makes its way down.

What is the medical term meaning partial paralysis?

Partial paralysis is the medical term for partial paralysis

What is the medical term meaning paralysis of a bronchus?

Bronchoplegia is paralysis of a bronchus.Bronchoplegia is paralysis of the walls of the bronchi.

What is the plural paralysis?

The plural form of paralysis is paralyses.

How to treat paralysis in maharashtra?

To treat paralysis in Maharashtra, you need to be confined in hospitals with special facilities in the treatment of paralysis.

Which suffix means partial paralysis?

-paresis = Partial paralysis

How do you spell paralysis?

That is the correct spelling of the word "paralysis" (immobility).

Why does organophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis?

Why does oranophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis? Why does oranophosphate poisoning cause muscular paralysis?

What does paralysis prevent people from doing?

Paralysis by definition prevents movement.

Which of these diseases can cause permanent paralysis?

Poliomyelitis can cause permanent paralysis.

What is The disease is characterized by ascending paralysis?

what disease is chaaracterized by ascending paralysis

What is the Medical term meaning paralysis of the pharynx?

Pharyngoplegia is paralysis of the pharynx.

What is ipsilateral paralysis?

It is paralysis affecting only one side of the body

How long does it take for facial paralysis to disappear?

It depends on the cause of the paralysis.

Give a sentence using the word paralysis?

There are some diseases that can cause paralysis.

What is the medical term meaning paralysis of the diaphragm?

Phrenolegia means paralysis of the diaphragm.

What is the medical term meaning paralysis of the throat?

Pharyngoplegia is paralysis of the throat.pharyngoplegia

What cannot cause paralysis in a dog?

bananas cannot cause paralysis in dogs.

What is the medical term meaning Paralysis of a muscle?

Myoplegia is the medical term meaning paralysis of a muscle. Myo- means muscle, and -plegia means paralysis.

What is the medical term meaning paralysis of the larynx?

Laryngoparalysis or laryngoplegia is paralysis of the larynx or voice box. Another term might be vocal cord paralysis.

What is residual paralysis?

Residual is leftover, and paralysis is inability to move; so residual paralysis is a leftover inability to move after partial recovery. For example, most people with Bell's Palsy recover, but some complain of residual paralysis.

Viral infection of spinal cord causes paralysis?

Poliomyelitis is a viral infection of the spinal cord that causes paralysis. It is also called polio or infantile paralysis.

What are the symptoms of vocal cord paralysis?

Vocal cord paralysis produces several symptoms

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