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This is the clear liquid that comes out before ejaculation. It's also called Cowper's fluid, and its purpose is to flush the urethra so left-over urine won't kill the sperm. Note that Cowper's fluid may contain some live sperm, and that most guys don't feel it flowing.

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2010-04-08 02:52:19
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Q: What is 'pre-ejaculate'?
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Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

How can you control preejeculaion?

Preejaculate is normal and should not be curbed. It is like watering of mouth.

Can HIV be trasmitted by genital lubrication?

Yes, HIV can be transmitted by vaginal lubrication/vaginal fluids as well as preejaculate.

Will you get pregnant if your boyfriend put his penis in you for a second and did not ejacualte and it was one week after your period?

most likely, no, you probably didn't ovulate until 2 weeks after your period. Plus he would atleast need to preejaculate anyway.

Can you get chlamydia from body fluids being on or near your vagina but not in?

Yes, you can get infected with chlamydia even if he doesn't ejaculate inside you. Chlamydia can be spread by semen, vaginal discharge, or preejaculate fluid in or near the vaginal, urethra, or anus, as well as the throat and eyes.

Could a 14-year-old get pregnant with preejaculate in their mouth?

No, it is not possible for a 14 year old to get pregnant if you ejaculate in her mouth. Pregnancy must be through vaginal sex. Do keep in mind that any sex act with minors, including oral sex, is illegal.

Is pregnancy may occur if the guy pull out his sperm out?

YES. The preejaculate fluid may contain enough sperms to cause pregnancy. And PLEASE keep the packs of condoms with you for your guy to be used, who may give you many more sexually transmitted diseases apart from HIV.

Can a woman get pregnant during her period using withdrawal method?

Yes she can. It's not very common for women to become pregnant while on their period but it is possible. The withdrawal method is not very reliable if you are not trying to get pregnant. A woman can still get pregnant from a mans preejaculate which would be at the tip of the mans penis before he ejaculates. So yes you can get pregnant that way too

How much sperm does a man have in his penis?

None. The sperm is not stored in the penis, so none is there except during and immediately after ejaculation (and sometimes right before if you produce preejaculate). The testes are what produce the sperm. However, it is your seminal vesicles which store the sperm cells and the other secretions your body makes which are collectively called semen. During ejaculation, you may release about a teaspoon's worth, give or take some.

Describe the origin and importance of substances found in semen?

Semen comes from the testes, prostate gland, and cowper's gland, and is stored in the seminal vesicles until it is released from the penis.The testes make sperm cells (and testosterone and some oxytocin too, though not relevant to this discussion). They travel up the vas deferens, the ducts that carry the sperm cells to the seminal vesicles.The seminal vesicles are a mixing and storage area for semen.The Cowper's glands produce what is known as preejaculate. That helps lubricate and clear the urethra as well as neutralize acidity from any residual urine.The prostate gland creates the milky fluid that the sperm cells use for travel. This fluid also nourishes and protects the sperm cells on their journey to the egg cell.

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