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What is 'safe mode'?


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August 15, 2009 9:57AM

An alternative way to start Microsoft Windows such that only a minimal set of software components (drivers and background processes) are loaded, making it easier to diagnose problems. Safe mode loads a standard low resolution video driver and does not support connection to the Internet. Safe-mode is a diagnostic mode in windows to be used if you are having problems with windows. It loads only a few basic drivers so it is not as likely to crash or hang so hopefully you can start up windows and fix the problem. For instance, if your screen goes blank and you can't get it back or the computer crashes every time you start it up -- you may be able to start windows in safe mode and it won't go blank, crash or whatever its doing. When you get windows up again in safe-mode you can try using system-restore or some other utility to try and fix the problem. You could also try to uninstall something you just installed, there are many other things you could do as well. On most computers you get into safe-mode by hitting F8 just after you reboot but I have seen it F10 on some computers.