The Battle of Hastings

What is 1066 famous for?

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The year 1066 was famous for The Battle of Hastings and the battle of Stamford bridge.

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The famous Battle of Hastings was fought in the year 1066. Horse Isle Real Time Quiz Answer: 1066

The Battle of Hastings is the most famous battle of 1066, taking place on October 14, 1066. However, it wasn't the first battle of 1066. That distinction goes to the Battle of Fulford on September 20, 1066.

1066 - The Battle of Hastings

It was the battle of Hastings in 1066 and it made him king.

Because 1066 was the year of the battle of Hastings. It was the year that we had what is called our first English King, William the conqueror.

The perihelion of Halley's comet.

The Roman numeral of MLXVI means 1000+60+6 = 1066

Because his brother was Edward the confessor and he was the king at 1066.

1066 - the most famous date in history.

it is the place where the French defeated the English in 1066.

His most famous Battle in 1066 was at hastings against the Saxons

The battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066.

the battle of hastings was in 1066!1066

This was the Battle of Hastings. William the Conquer became king of England.

In the year 1066. This is one of the most famous dates in English history.

Newspapers did not exist in 1066.

Hastings did you know hastings is also famous for the battle that took place there in 1066

1066 A.D. For those who are not religious it would be 1066 C.E. (common era).

Harold II was King of England between 1042-1066.

no it was not it was in a different year around 1066

The Capital of England in 1066 was London.

1066 1066 it was the normans time.

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