What is 12 less than 24?

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It is: 24-12 = 12
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Is -24 less than -27?

No, -24 is more than -27. Imagine negative numbers as money. If someone were to hand you $50 and you decided to pay one or the other which would give you more money on hand. -

Is -80 less than -24?

no, it is more like owing $80 is owing more than $24 Improved Answer: Yes -80 is less than -24 on the number line

Is -12 less than -15?

More-think of it like a ladder. You have o then upward numbersstarting with one on the other side you have the negative(downwards) numbers also starting with one. Just remembe
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Is 12 times b greater than 12 but is less than 24?

Only if b is greater than 1 and less than 2 will 12b be greaterthan 12 and less than 24. If b is 1 or less, 12b will be less than or equal to 12 If b is 2 or more, 12b will b
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Why is 1.3 less than 12?

12 is 10.7 larger than 1.3 12 is 1 less than 13 the decimal point makes 1.3 just over 1