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14 carat fine.

Actually it means that it is 14 karat white gold.


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Sorry no it is not possible. White gold is yellow gold mixed with paladium to make it white. Platinum is a metal mined completely seperately.. If u want a platinum wedding band you will have to buy it as a platinum ring and it will be completely platinum.

A white gold wedding band can be purchased at places such as JC Penney and Sears. K-Mart and Target also have jewelery counters where you can find this item and more.

A simple flat band is most popular like the 14k White Gold 6mm Comfort Fit Men's Wedding Band.

The most common wedding band for a man is no design and a plain gold wedding band.

The amount of gold in a wedding band, depends on the karats. If a wedding band is 14 karat gold, that means 14 parts of 24 parts is gold.

You can always get a wedding band available in gold. Ask your jeweler whether they can either plate it or make a new one to fit your needs.

I bought a 10k white gold band for 45 dollars at JC pennies. The ring dented very easily... but you should not spend more than 100 bucks if you really shop for it.

silver,white gold, gold

No, it is not necessary for the karat to be the same as the engagement ring. When purchasing a wedding band ask the jeweler for their opinion. You need to do some checking on your ring. There is no such thing as 24K white gold. white gold consists of yellow gold, alloyed with other metals. 24K indicates pure, 100% gold. Pure, 100% gold HAS no other metals in it, and cannot BE white. 24 K gold is also too soft to be used in rings- it will bend under moderate pressure. Your best bet- talk with a knowledgeable jeweler.

Wedding bands are flat and make a complete circle around the finger, made from precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. Wedding rings are also circular, but they display a large stone (diamond) on one side of the ring.

About US $20/-, you will have to have your own interpretation of wedding Ring. It could be 10kt, 18kt, 22kt, 23kt, yellow,white or Colored Gold,925 silver Gold Plated etc; The Key factor is your definition of a wedding Ring/Band.........

14kf = 14k gold. The "F" and the triangle is the Friedman's Inc. hallmark.

Gold - my wifes wedding band/ring

The wedding ring should be symbolic of the marriage. White gold is more common than yellow gold currently. Usually real diamonds are placed in the center of the band.

There are many places where a person can purchase a White Gold wedding ring. Online stores like James Allen, Ritani, Jared, Zales and Macys all sell while gold wedding rings.

A Gold wedding band or a signet ring I guess!!

One can purchase men's white gold wedding bands at Shane Co. Shane Co has many different rings, including men's white gold bands. Shane Co also includes diamond wedding rings as well.

A platinum ring will wear away the plating of a white gold ring if worn on the same finger because platinum is a stronger and more durable metal than white gold.

Gold Dresses Are okay for a Wedding. Just don't wear white. That's only for the bride!

Heavy Gold Electroplate. Don't know about the final G.

If it is a plain wedding band then there should be no problem but it is advisable to have your ring cleaned from time to time. If however gems are set on to the band, not advisable then to wash your hands with your rings on

Yes, there are. There are also "white gold" wedding rings that have a silvery look.

A wedding band is most usually a gold or silver band with no protruding Gemstone. An engagement ring most usually has a gemstone mounted.

They are ALL different. There is no standard weight or size.

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