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What is 16 grams of oxygen how many moles?

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16 grams of oxygen how many moles is 0,5 moles.

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How many moles in 8 grams of oxygen?

1 mole of oxygen = 16 grams8/16 = 0.5 moles

How many moles of oxygen are in 65.06?

If your question is " how many moles of oxygen are in 65.06 grams?" we should consider the gas O2 which has an atom/mol weight of 16 grams: 65.06/16= 4.06625 moles

How many grams are in 2 moles?

The amount of grams in two moles depends on the element or compound that you have two moles of. For example, the molar mass of oxygen is about 16 grams. So two moles of oxygen would be about 32 grams.

How many grams do 1.8 moles of oxygen weight?

1 mole of oxygen weighs 16 grams. So, 1.8 moles would weigh 1.8 x 16 = 28.8g

What is the mass of 0.05 moles of oxygen?

The Atomic Mass of Oxygen is 16 (15.9998) 16 * 0.05 = 0.8 grams

How many moles of are present in 16.0 of octane?

C8H18. I assume you mean how many moles octane in 16 grams. 16 grams C8H18 (1 mole C8H18/114.224 grams) = 0.140 moles octane

How many moles of He are in 16 grams of the elements?

16 g helium is equivalent to 4 moles.

How many moles of He are in 16 g of the element?

There are approximately 4.0 moles of Helium in 16 grams of the element.

How many moles of HE are in 16g of the element?

He = helium 16 grams He (1 mole He/4.003 grams) = 3.99 moles He You can call it 4.0 moles He

How many moles of magnesium are needed to react with 16 g of molecular oxygen?

How many moles of magnesium are needed to react with 16 g of molecular oxygen?

How many moles Fe are in a sample of Fe2O3 that contains 100g O?

100 grams oxygen (1 mole O/16 grams)(2 mole Fe/3 mole O) = 4.17 moles iron --------------------------

What is 42 grams of diatomic oxygen in moles?

moles = mass/molar mass The molar mass of an oxygen atom = 16 g mol-1, as there are two oxygen atoms in diatomic oxygen this has to be doubled. 42g / 32g mol-1 = 1.3125 moles

If you produce 36 grams of water and 44 grams of carbon dioxide from 16 grams of methane how many grams of oxygen is needed for this reaction?

CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + 2H2Omoles of H2O produced = 36/18 = 2moles of CO2 produced = 44/44 = 1moles of CH4 reacted = 16/16 = 1so moles of O2 consumed = 2 i.e 2 X 32 g = 64 g of O2

How many moles in 100g of oxygen gas?

A mole is the measument of a single, in this case oxygen molecule. Oxygen on the periodic table is shown like this 8 O 16.00 The 16 is showing the atomic mass. So to answer the question above the answer is ... There are 1,600 moles in 100 grams of oxygen

When carbon is burned in the presence of oxygen the carbon and oxygen combine to prodon dioxide if you start w 6 grams of carbon and 16 grams of oxygen and they react completely how many grams of car?

the equation of this reaction is C + O2 = CO2 (s) (g) (g) according to this reaction 1mol of Carbon react with same number of moles of Oxygen. and this combination gives 1mol of CO2 as result. so first we have to find the number of moles in the weight we are going to use. 12 grams of carbon contains 1mol so 6 grams of carbon contains ( 1/12 )*6 = 0.5mol 32 grams of Oxygen contains 1mol 16 grams of Oxygen contains ( 1/36 )*16 = 0.5mol as 1mol of C react with 1mol of O2,0.5mol of C react with 0.5mol of O2. this produces equal number of moles (0.5mol) of CO2.

How many moles of liquid oxygen are in a liter?

Density of lquid oxygen: 1,141 kg/L Atomic weight of oxygen: approx. 16 Moles: 71,31

How many moles are in 16.0 g of oxygen?

16 g oxygen is equal to 0,5 mole

How many moles of water are there in 18 grams of water?

There is 1 mole of water for every 18 grams of water (the atomic mass of oxygen is 16 and the atomic mass of hydrogen is 1 gram, so 16 + 1 + 1 = 18).

How many grams of oxygen and hydrogen in 36 grams of water?

Answer: 16 g of oxygen and 2 g of hydrogen.

If 4.8g of oxygen gas is completely converted to ozone how many molecules of ozone would be produced?

4.8/16 moles of oxygen atoms converts to 1.6/16 moles of ozone molecules.

How many moles of water do you have if the water weighs 360 grams?

Moles = mass / relative molecular mass. 360 / 1 + 1 + 16 = 20 moles

How many moles of carbon are there from the original sample of 11.0 grams of carbon dioxide and 4.50 grams of water with a combustion of 7.50 grams?

Look up the molecular weight of carbon dioxide in the periodic table. The formula for carbon dioxide is CO2, which means one atom of carbon and two atoms or oxygen per molecule of carbon dioxide. Carbon has molecular weight of 12. Oxygen molecular weight is 16. Total 12+16+16= 44 11 grams/44 grams/mole=0.25 moles of carbon The grams of water and combustion of 7.5 grams are totally irrelevant. They are only given to possibly confuse you.

Calculate the mass of one mole of oxygen gas in grams?

There are many different ways to calculate the moles and grams of oxygen. but one mole of oxygen is always gonna equal 32 grams because its diatomic, meaning it only comes in nature as O2. so it would be the atomic mass of oxygentimes 2. 16*2= 32

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