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3 strikes in a row is called a "Turkey"

4 in a row is called a "Hambone"

5 in a row in called a "Lamb Shank"

6 in a row is called a "Fillet Mignon"

7 in a row is called a "Lobster Tail"

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It's called a "bagger" like a "4 bagger" or a "5 bagger", According to FB bowling buddies and a website with other bowling lingo.

The first 4 strikes in a row have been given the name 'hambone' (unofficially of course!)

It is unofficially called a Hambone. This term was coined by PBA announcer Rob Stone. 4-bagger is the name it is commonly called.

There are 4 pins in the back row, 7,8,9 and 10.

There are four (4) bowling pins in the back row of pins in one bowling lane.

Assuming 10-pin bowling, there are 4 pins in the back row, so 4/10ths (40%) of the pins are in the back row.

I bowled 4 consecutive perfect games in Wii bowling and 6 consecutive strikes in the next game for a total of 54 consecutive strikes. A few months later I bowled 5 consecutive perfect games in Wii bowling and 6 consecutive strikes in the next game for a new record of 66 consecutive strikes. Ray

a turkey (xxx) equals 60 points a 4 bagger (xxxx) is worth 80 a 5 bagger (xxxxx) is worth 100 a 6 pack (xxxxxx) is worth 120 7 in a row (xxxxxxx) is worth 140 8 in a row (xxxxxxxx) is worth 160 9 in a row (xxxxxxxxx) is worth 180 10 in a row (xxxxxxxxxx) is worth 200

The (7 - 8 - 9 - 10) are in the back row. That's 4 of the 10. The fraction is 4/10 = 0.4

After strike 3 people start refering to the string of strikes. Strike 4-bagger, strike 5-bagger ect.

First response:That is just called for in a row. There is no special name for that.Second Response:The only answer is brought to us by the announcers at ESPN. They too struggled with a term for one strike after a Turkey. They named it "Hambone". This is the only one I know of at the time.Third Response:I thought it was called a 4-bagger. I have also heard it called a cherry.Fourth Response:It really has never had a universally accepted name the way that 3 strikes in a row is called a "turkey," but in 2006 or 2007, Pro Bowling announcer Rob Stone, basically a non-bowler but trying to show enthusiasm for the sport, coined the term "hambone" for 4 strikes in a row.It's become something of a controversy, probably more so at the upper echelons of the sport, where people tend to take themselves more seriously. Some like it, giving the Professional Bowlers Association a bit of extra publicity and pizaz, while others think its a hokey stunt by a bowling interloper.At bowling league levels, most of us are fairly happy throwing the term "hambone" out there, though where I am, only occasionally do I hear someone bring it up when 4 strikes in a row are thrown.Fifth Response:In classic bowling vernacular, the original name for four in a row was "clover." As in lucky as a four leaf clover for throwing one. In the early days of the game, it was very difficult to throw three in a row, never mind throwing four in a row. Then someone from ESPN created the misnomer, hambone.The term hambone for four in a row came from Rob Stone, an ESPN announcer, who incidentally is not a bowler, made up the name himself because he wondered why there wasn't a term for four in a row if there was a turkey for three in a row.I agree with the statement that where i bowl it is rarely brought up, but the statement about a "turkey" is incorrect. It has been around for many years and used in establishments at least back to the early 1900s. My grandfather said when he was a young boy and used to be the attendant, which back then meant you set up the pins and returned the balls, it was term often thrown around. Back then it was much more difficult to throw three in a row. The term came because sometimes when a turkey was thrown, the proprietor would give some prize, often times, it was a turkey. The term turkey is widely accepted in bowling vernacular and can be found in many books about bowling in general not to mention those written by bowlers and found on the Internet, dictionaries and the like.

The one closest to you is the head pin, or 1 pin. The rest of the pins are numbered from left to right on each row: the second row has the 2 and 3, third has 4, 5 and 6, and the fourth row has 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Six-baggerDepending the country your in...Canada it is considered a six bagger, in the United states its considered a six pack.6-BaggerIt's called a six-bagger, or alternately a six-pack.If you start the game with six strikes (frames 1 thru 6) they can also be called the front six; if they are the last six strikes of the game (frames 7 thru 10) they're called the back six, rear six, or six out the door.It is called a "six bagger".For 4 or more consecutive strikes in 10-pin bowling the term used is N-bagger, N being the number of strikes (6-bagger for example).It is called a 6 bagger. Anything after a Turkey is called "putting the Turkey in a bag" 5 bagger, 6 bagger etc.

In the last frame you get a chance of bowling 3 balls. You can get three strikes, a strike and a spare (a spare is two balls) or a spare and a strike.

First Response:Three Turkeys.Second Response:If you are looking at it as a turkey is a strike thrown in three consecutive frames, then the answer is three. If you look at a turkey as three consecutive strikes, then the answer is four. There are twelve possible strikes in a perfect game of bowling (12 / 3 = 4).

simple strike double turkey four bagger five bagger not sure what the rest are Hambone is pretty much what has caught on over the last few years for 4 strikes in a row. I think an ESPN announcer coined it a few years back, Rob Stone?... and it has caught on.

there isn't a word that you use when a golfer gets 4 birdies in a row. it's called being really good :)

A four in bowling means you knocked down 4 bowling pins.

There are 4 strikes that reffer to the badminton1. the downward head2.head strikes that blanks to the3.frank strikes4. foot head strike.

yes saints row 4 is out

There are four pins along the back of the ten pin setup. In front of those four is a row of three, followed by two, then one (which is called the "head" pin). 4+3+2+1=10.

Select row 4 first. Then insert a new row, using the insert option on the cells group on the Home tab. The current row 4 will be pushed down to become row 5 and you will have a new blank row 4. Row 3 will be as it was.

Yes bowling alleys do loan out 4 pound balls for the youngest children.

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