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It is 16x squared plus 80x plus 100.Very complicated!

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What is 9x squared plus 4x - 2?

It is a quadratic equation in x.

-10 plus 4x 50?

The value of x in the equation -10+4x = 50 is 15

Is y equals x squared -4x plus 3 a domain or range?

Y = x squared -4x plus 3 is an equation of a function. It is neither called a domain nor a range.

How do you work out the equation 4x-10 equals -4x plus 22?

4x - 10 = -4x + 22 +4x+10=+4x +10 8x = 32 x = 4

How do you use the quadratic formula to solve 4x 2 - 5x plus 10?

If the equation is 4x squared - 5x + 10 = 0, then you set a = 4, b = -5, c = 10. Replace these numbers in the quadratic formula.

What is the solution to this equation 4x plus 10 plus 3x equals 40 minus 3x?

4x + 10 + 3x = 40 - 3x 4x + 10 + 3x + 3x = 40 20x = 40 x = 2

Discriminant for 4x squared plus 4x plus 1?

B squared -4ac is the discriminant. you get 0, which means it will have one rational solution.

What is the derivative of 2x-squared plus 4x plus 8?

The derivative of 2x2 + 4x + 8 is 4x+4.

What is -10 plus 7x plus 4x equals 78?

It is an equation and the value of x is 8

How do you write this equation in function form 4x plus y equals 10?

4x + y = 10 is a perfectly valid functional form. The standard form is 4x + y - 10 = 0

What is the value of k when 4x squared plus kx plus 9 equals 0?

Using the discriminant for a quadratic equation the value of k works out as plus or minus 12.

7x plus 8 equals 4x-10?

Presumably this is an equation in which the value of x is to be found. 7x+8 = 4x-10 7x-4x = -10-8 3x = -18 x = -6

What is 4x plus 25 equals x plus 10?

It is a linear equation in x. It has a solution, which is x = -5

What is 4x plus 3x squared?

3x2 + 4x factors to x(3x + 4)

4x squared plus 12x?

4x2+12x = 4x(x+3) when factored

Where are the points of intersection on the curve and line of x squared plus y squared plus 4x plus 6y minus 40 equals 0 and x equals 10 plus y?

x2+y2+4x+6y-40 = 0 and x = 10+y Substitute the second equation into the first equation: (10+y)2+y2+4(10+y)+6y-40 = 0 2y2+30y+100 = 0 Divide all terms by 2: y2+15y+50 = 0 (y+10)(y+5) = 0 => y = -10 or y = -5 Substitute the above values into the second equation to find the points of intersection: Points of intersection are: (0, -10) and (5, -5)

What is the equation of the line that passes through (1 2) and is parallel to the line whose equation is 4x y 1 0?

Without an equality sign and not knowing the plus or minus values of the given terms it can't be considered to be a straight line equation. But if you mean 4x+y = 10 then y = -4x+10 and the parallel equation is y = -4x+6

How do you solve 4x squared plus 24x plus 27?

" 4x squared plus 24x plus 27 " is not an equation. It asks no question, and begs nosolution. It's just an expression that stands for some number. There's no way toidentify the number without knowing the value of 'x', and if 'x' ever changes, thenthe number also changes immediately.

How do you do math x4 plus 11x2 plus 10 equals?

Um.. your question is kinda vague... but I'm gonna assume your question is 4x+11X2+10... so you have to use the order of operations. multiplication first... so 11X2 is 22, making the equation 4x+22+10. Then, add 10 and 22 together, making the equation 4x+32. you don't know what 'x' is, so that's as far you can simplify the equation. So the answer to you question is 4x+32.

Is y equals 4x plus 7 a linear equation?

Yes, y = 4x + 7 is a linear equation.

Factor 4x squared plus 4x plus 1?

OK. 4x2 + 4x + 1 = (2x + 1)2

What is 2x squared plus 5x-4x squared plus x-x squared?

2x2 + (5x-4x)2 + (x-x)2 = 2x2 + x2 + 02 = 2x2 + x2 = 3x2

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