What is 50m short for?

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It could be short for 50 meters or 50 minutes.
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What year first 50m indoor swimming pool at Olympics?

The 1924 Summer Olympics were the first to use the standard 50 meter pool with marked lanes. In the freestyle, swimmers originally dived from the pool walls, but diving blocks were incorporated at the 1936 Summer Olympics. --from wikipedia

What is a short?

As a noun, a short can refer to either a short circuit or a shortmovie.

What is short?

As an adjective, "short" means "having a small distance from oneend to another", or "of comparatively little height".

How do you get short?

If you want to get shorter- then wait until you are older, and you will shrink. You might not want to become shorter once you actually are.

What is the Olympic record for 50m swimming?

For men, it's 21.30 seconds, set by Cesar Cielo Filho yesterday. For women, it's 24.06 seconds, set by Britta Steffen this morning. Prior to the 2008 Olympics, the previous records had stood since 1992 and 2000 respectively. Well I thought that Michael phelps held the swimming record?

How do you set time on casio 50m water resistant watchalarm chrono?

Push "Mode" button till the "hour" is flashing & advance to "hour" desired. Next: push "Mode" again till "Minuet" is flashing--push "adjust" till desired minuet shows. Push "Mode" till nothing flashes. The previous instruction is not correct. You will find the manual when you google Casio model 184 ( Full Answer )

What is shortness?

Shortness means less than usual as in a shortness of breath being that you have less air to breathe .

How can you get short?

Apart from surgery, poor posture is the only answer, and tall people with poor posture look like losers. Better to be proud of your appearance.

What is the average time for a 45 yr old 50m freestyle?

well... that depends on how long that 45 yr old has been swimming. It also depends on whether the swimmer is female or male my dad is 45 and he can easily go 28 seconds for 50 free my mom is 45 and she can go a 33 for 50 free however, both of my parents swan as kids. if you have not swam as a child ( Full Answer )

Can you get short?

Well you can get short by 2 ways. 1st by growing old and wrinkly and becoming short. 2nd by puting yourself in a de-stretcher and covering yourself in mustard.

Why is 50m butterfly not a real event?

I am not sure who told you this, but it is a real event!. If your asking why it is not and olympic event, its is because it is to short and the Olympic Program has no time for it.

What is quantity 50m?

I'm pretty sure it means 50,000. People ask for quotes for 50M at my printing company, I give them a quote for 50,000 and it seems to go well.

How long is 50m?

A 50 is there and back in a regular high school pool, but a 50 in an olympic size pool is just across once.

How long does it take to swim 50m on average?

For men the World record for 50m freestyle is under 21 seconds, while a reasonable club swimmer should be able to swim 50m freestyle in around 25 seconds. A good time for an average non-club swimmer should be around the 30 second mark

What is you have short for?

'You have' is not a shortened form of anything. It has a shortened form, 'you've'.

What does water resist 50m mean?

it can only survive under water for 50 meters and that makes it able to go in a shower or a pool

What is 50m in feet?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 ft0.3048 m (exactly) → 50 m = 50 / 0.3048 ft ≈ 164.042 ft

Is the 50m the easiest?

The 50m is the shortest, but not necessarily the "easiest". If an athlete is truly competing to the best of his ability, all events are difficult in the sense that the athlete is pushing himself to his limits. With the 50m, you are running for the shortest amount of time, but at the fastest pace.

Why does the lane in a 50m pool have to be 2.5m width?

Two reasons. First, it provides ample room for swimmers to spread their arms when performing certain strokes (the breaststroke and butterfly strokes both involve the arms swinging around to the side while being pretty flat relative to the surface). This requires sufficient width to prevent accide ( Full Answer )

Time for fastest 10 year old 50m running?

I think I ran 50m in 6.37 seconds (I think) Not when you were 10 you didn't. A super slick time for a 10yo to run 50 would be about a hand timed 7.0.

What is the difference between a 40m javelin rating and a 50m javelin rating?

I saw a video on YouTube where the fellow explained that the 40m javelin was not as stiff as the 50m. A more flexible javelin is preferred by beginners as it absorbs some of the stress better and relieves that from the shoulder. As a thrower gets in better shape and throws farther, the stiffer 50m j ( Full Answer )

What fraction of 1km is 50m?

There is 1000m in 1km, therefore the fraction is 1000/50 which can be simplified to 100/5 which can be simplified to 20/1. So 50m is one 20th of 1km. So you need to run 20 times further to make the 1k fatty! lol

What does 50m water resist mean?

The item is resistant to 50 meters in depth of water. It would be okay if you dropped it into the water, but you shouldn't keep it there for any length of time.

What is 50m of 1 kilometer as a fraction?

50m of 1 kilometre as a fraction = 1 /20 of 1 km 1 kilometer = 1000 meters 50 meters * 1 kilometer /1000 meters = 5 0 /100 0 = 5 /100 = 1 /20 of 1 km

How many millimeter in 50m?

There are 1000mm in a metre. You have to multiply by1000 to convert metres to millimetres. This gives you 50,000millimetres.

How big is 50m diameter?

The diameter of a circle is the space between the two sides of the circle. If something is 50 meters in diameter, then it is a circle that is 50 meters between one side and the other side in a straight line.