What is 50m short for?

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It could be short for 50 meters or 50 minutes.
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What is quantity 50m?

I'm pretty sure it means 50,000. People ask for quotes for 50M at my printing company, I give them a quote for 50,000 and it seems to go well.

How long is 50m?

A 50 is there and back in a regular high school pool, but a 50 in an olympic size pool is just across once.

What is 50m in feet?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 ft0.3048 m (exactly) → 50 m = 50 / 0.3048 ft ≈ 164.042 ft

Is the 50m the easiest?

The 50m is the shortest, but not necessarily the "easiest". If an athlete is truly competing to the best of his ability, all events are difficult in the sense that the athlete

What does 50m water resist mean?

The item is resistant to 50 meters in depth of water. It would be okay if you dropped it into the water, but you shouldn't keep it there for any length of time.
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How many miles is 50m?

50 meters is 0.03 miles.