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What is 800 in standard form?

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Writing a number in standard form simply means to express the number in its 'normal' form. Therefore, the way you wrote the number is the standard form for your example.

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9+800 is how you write it in standard form

20,805 is standard form 20,000 + 800 + 5 is expanded form 2.1 * 104 is scientific form

The standard form is: 200,000,000,010,000,070,000,300,080,010

The standard form is 4,800,000

Assuming those were added, the standard form is: 2,070,173,810

In standard form:2,000,000,00070,000,000100,00070,0003,000800+ 10________________2,070,103,810

800 in decimal form = 800.0

well, actually 800 is incorrect its actually in thousands. Think of it this way, 80 is equivalent to 8 tens right? How abt 80 tens? Nope! Not 80! It's 800. Now 800 tens is 8000. So 893 hundreds is a bit tricky. 893 tens would be 8,930. In hundreds your answer would be 89,300. Yup! Ten thousands! Whoever said 800 was the answer is stupid as hell.

8.0 x 10 to the power of 2. I can't do it properly on the phone, but write a little 2 after the ten.

It is: 96/800 = 3/25 in its simplest form

800/1150 = 16/23 in its simplest form

The standard notation is: 8,800,000,000

In standard form it is 4.86*104. Standard form and scientific form are the same.

It is already in standard form.

It is already in standard form.

It is already in standard form.

9,670 is the standard form.

what is the standard form of 13.088?

That is the standard form.