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Ritalin is the most common.

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Q: What is ADHD medicine called?
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What are signs that your ADHD medicine is working?

If the symptoms of you're adhd are lessened or stopped after taking the medicine then the medicine is obviously working. Also if you feel different in a better way, like you feel more attentive and optimistic, then it is a sign that the medicine is working and you should stick to that medicine.

Does Megan Fox do drugs?

She's on medicine for ADHD, but otherwise no.

Will naproxen show on a drug test as a medicine for ADHD?

No; naproxen is not chemically related to any of the drugs used to treat ADHD.

How can you pay attention in school if you have ADHD?

by taking medicine which you can get subscribed by your doctor.

Does ADHD medicine effect puberty effect puberty?

Its highly unlikely

What is the best medicine for adult ADHD?

it depends on there person and the medicine the right ADHD med could be great for you or your loved on but be unaffected or bad reaction for me. your gunna have to go though old fashion trail and error.

Do you have to take medicine for ADHD?

This depends on the severity of your case, as well as you and your doctors decision.

You started taking ADHD pills is it bad for your health?

If you are taking ADHD pills and you do not have ADHD, and were not prescribed that medicine, then it is not only for one illegal, but it is also bad for you, it will affect your body in a different way than people with adhd, because the adhd medicines target their brain and temporarily fixes the negative symptoms of adhd by altering the brain chemicals. If you do not have the same brain chemicals, then the medicine will have different effects on your body, so yes it may very well be bad for your health.

What tools help ADHD people?

The only thing i have heard of about helping ADHD are bunch of types of medicine, which i used to take cause i have ADHD but not very bad..but the thing is with some types of the medicine i have used is that it makes you not hungry and lose ALOT of weight..for me this was bad cause I'm already skinny but yeah.

Is Ashley olsen take drugs?

Yes, her and Mary-Kate take medicine for their ADHD.

Can fluoxetine help treat ADHD?

SSRIs such as Prozac are antidepressants and may also be prescribed along with an ADHD medicine to help believe symptoms of both meaning depression and ADHD. So no Prozac is not prescribed for ADHD specifically which I can say I have ADHD and I have been on Prozac by itself and it didn't help with my ADHD at all.

What prescription pills get you high?

Oxycodone, Valium, Aderol, any ADHD medicine... that's all I know of.

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