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What is ATSC?


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ATSC stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee. It is the new organization created to establish technical standards for new television systems in the U.S. The old standards are referred to as NTSC, which was named for the National Television Systems Committee that established rules in 1953.


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ATSC stands for Advanced Television System Committee. It allows for the reception of digital television in digital televisions. It is also called an ATSC receiver.

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To receive Broadcast Television Signals of NTSC Analog or ATSC Digital a television antenna is needed. If the TV has ATSC built in , then a converter box will not be needed.

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If it can tune in digital TV signals, then it has an ATSC tuner. If not, nope.

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Hi, If you can go to your user's menu on the TV and do a search for digital channels (as compared to analog channels) then you have an ATSC tuner. Cubby

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If it has a built-n digital (ATSC) tuner.

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