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Q: What is Advantage and disadvantage of the historical cost principle?
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Advantages and disadvantages of cost accounting?

cost accounting advantage & disadvantage

What are the advantage and disadvantage of ultra-rapid freezing?

The advantage of ultra rapid freezing is that it last a long time. The disadvantage is that it cost a lot.

What is the conclusion for advantage and disadvantage of using a mobile phone?

An advantage of having a cell phone, is that it is easier for people to contact you when out of the house. A disadvantage is the cost.

What is the application for the principle of international trade?

comparative cost advantage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a parallel port?

Advantage - speed Disadvantage - cost.

Advantage and disadvantage of traveling?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of traveling. One big disadvantage of traveling is the cost for example.

What are the dis advantage and advantage?

advantage - increase for workers with an increase in marginal cost disadvantage - loss of potential profit for the monopsony x

What are the argue for and against historical cost as a principle of accounting in the preparation of final account of a sole trader?

What are the argue for and against historical cost as a principle of accounting in the preparation of final account of a sole trader?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of variation order?

Takes Time and incurs more cost

Advantage and disadvantage of partnership?

One advantage of a partnership is being able to share the cost. One disadvantage is having to make sure the other person is okay with your ideas.

What is Historical cost principle?

The historical cost principle is an accounting principle that requires transactions and economic events to be valued in the financial statements at the actually dollar amounts involved when the transaction or economic event took place.For example if the market price of a teddy bear is $5.00 but you are able to bargain your way into getting it for $4.50, the historical cost principle requires that you record the teddy bear at $4.50.

Advantages and disadvantages of current cost accounting?

The advantage of current cost accounting is that it addresses the difference between the current and historical costs as a result of the inflation. The disadvantage is that it presents the challenges to the users and companies about the reported financial information.

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