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In a letter written to Hans Muesham, Einstein is quoted as stating, "man was not born to be a carnivore." It is reported he was a vegetarian, but also enjoyed pastas like spaghetti and fettuccine.

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What was Einsteins favorite food?

Albert Einsteins Favorite food was tradishinal polish food

What was Albert Einsteins favorite fruit?


What was Albert Einsteins favorite sports?


What were Albert Einstein's favorite foods?

albert einsteins favorite foods included, spagetti and fettuchini

What was Albert Einsteins favorite flower?

Albert Einstein's Favorite Flower was a white rose with pink lining the petals

What was Albert Einstein's character?

What were Albert Einsteins Dreams?? What were Albert Einsteins Thoughts?? What were Albert Einsteins Accomplishments??

Albert Einsteins favorite animal?

Albert Einstein's favourite animal is a Blue Heron.

What was albert Einstein's favorite drink?

Red wineAlbert Einsteins favourite drink was red wine

What are Albert Einsteins favorite candies?

nerds and smarties..... my personal made- up joke.

What was Albert Einsteins favorite day?

It was Pi Day which is March 14th the day of his birthday.

What was Albert Einsteins favorite color?

Albert Einstein's favorite color might have been red but we're not entirely sure

What is Einsteins favorite fruit?

Albert Einstein's favorite fruit is thought to be peaches. It is also thought that his favorite color was red. Nobody really knows for sure however.

What is Albert Einsteins full name?

Albert Pippy Einstein

What was albert Einsteins first son named?

hans albert

What is Albert Einsteins nationality?

German .

What was Albert Einsteins horscope?

it was ..TARUS

What was albert einsteins favorite tv show?

How i met your mother especially season 4, he loves "The Naked Man" episode

What is Albert Einsteins favorite ice cream flavor?

Albert Einstiens favourite ice cream flavour is stawberry because is favourite fruit was strawberry's !!!

How did scientists apply Albert Einsteins equation e equals mc2?

How did scientists apply albert einsteins equation e equals mc2?"

What was Albert Einsteins cultural background?

albert enstins culture

What is Albert Einsteins birthday?

march 14th

Who was Albert Einsteins mom?

Pauline Einstein

What are Albert Einsteins major accomplishments?

he was a scientist

What was Albert Einsteins personality traits?

He was a Jew.

What was Albert Einsteins biggest disappointment?

he has no balls :)

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