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June 10 1989.
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Who is Alexandra Cousteau?

Alexandra Cousteau (born 1976) is the granddaughter of world famous French explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the daughter of his son Philippe. An environmentalist, she is the founder and president of Blue Legacy International, dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and su ( Full Answer )

Was Alexandra the daughter of Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria had 9 Children, 5 of them Daughters Victoria, Alice, Helena, Louise and Beatrice. It was her Eldest Son and Heir Edward who married The Princess Alexandra of Denmark making Alexandra the Daughter in Law of Victoria. Queen Victorias Great Great Grandaughter is also Called Princess Alex ( Full Answer )

Who was Stan's comic partner?

I assume that you are talking about Stan Laurel. His comedy partner was Oliver Hardy.

Alexandra bellow siblings?

Alexandra Bellow actually did not have any siblings. He was an onlychild. However, he did marry five times before his passing.

Who was czarina Alexandra?

The last Empress consort, or Tsaritsa of Imperial Russia wasAlexandra Feodorovna Romanova (her Orthodox given name) She wasborn a German Princess; Alix Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice vonHessen und bei Rhein was her Christian name, given to her by herparents, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of the ( Full Answer )

Who was Alexandra of Russia?

She was Empress of Russia. She married Nicholas II. She had five children. Grand Duchess Olga, Grand Duchess Tatiana, Grand Duchess Maria, Grand Duchess Anastasia, and Tsarevitch Alexei. She was murdered in 1918, along with the rest of her family.

Who is Queen Alexandra?

Alexandra of Denmark (Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia; 1 December 1844 - 20 November 1925) was Queen Consort to Edward VII of the United Kingdom and thus Empress of India during her husband's reign, 1901 to 1910. (courtesy of Wikipedia). Her father was King of Denmark

Who is Alexandra Burke?

Alexandra Burke is a 21 year old singer. She became famous after winning the fifth series of the X factor

Where is Alexandra Burke from?

Alexandra was born in August the 25th and she was born in Islington, London, England and she is 21 years old.

What rhymes with Alexandra?

Lasagnia if that's how you spell it hahaha. Hmmm.... what else. My name is Alexandra too hahaa. tundra tuna abracadabra carne asada(fries if you will lol) hola niagra sparta filipinas idk hahaha thts all i can think of

Who was Alexandra rovanov?

She was queen of russia and,... ever heard of Anistasia, ya Alexandra was her mom

Who is Alexandra Ovechkin?

He is a professional hockey player currently playing for the Washington capitals, he is the best player in the NHL, and is better than syndy Crosby in everything

Is Andy Stan's wife?

yes,yes he is.LOL.. In school,they totally act like husband and wife.I mean seriously,Stan is always,24/7 with Andy.LOL

Who is Alexandra Daddario?

She is an actress best known for her role as Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie. She has also played roles in The Squid and the Whale, Pitch, The Attic, The Hottest State, The Babysitters, Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, Bereavement, All My Childr ( Full Answer )

Is Alexandra a person?

Yes Alexandra is a person not only a person shes the meaning OF beauty.....

Who is is Alexandra Saunders?

Alexandra Saunders, is Charlotte jolleys', a world famous actor/singer million air, best friend. Charlotte Jolley is undercover as a normal person, and is one when she is around Alexandra. Charlotte Jolley has to say about Alexandra,"Alexandra Saunders is the best friend in the world. So is Emily Si ( Full Answer )

What does Alexandra lorex do?

Alexandra Lorex is the ex-wife of Mike Holmes. Mike Holmes is known as Holmes on Homes a popular real estate show. Alexandra was a part of this until their divorce. She is currently a consultant.

What awards has Alexandra Burke won?

She has been nominated for a couple of Awards but so far only won X Factor hopefully will win some soon . . . :D

How old is Alexandra Ripley?

Alexandra Ripley was born on January 8, 1934 and died on January 10, 2004. Alexandra Ripley would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

Who is Alexandra Daniel?

Alexandra Daniel was one of the good friends of undercover million air super star, Charlotte Jolley, until she bailed on her. The school caught their feud on a tape and posted it on Youtube. I LOVE CHAR! I HATE DANIEL!

Who played Alexandra Borgia?

Actress Annie Parisse played ADA Alexandra Borgia on Law and Order. See the link below for her other credits.

Alexandra Timberlake who is she?

Alexandra Timberlake is not in anyway related to Justin Timberlake. The previous answer that was provided on here before I deleted it, stated that she was his sister, although no one had heard of her. In all the years of being a Justin Timberlake fan, the only sister I ever heard of him having was n ( Full Answer )

Who was Alexandra huci?

Alexandra Huci was a 12-year-old gymnast in 2001. She was born into a poor family and had high hopes of competing in the 2008 olympics, which would give her a bright future. Though she didn't know this, Alexandra had a birth defect in her brain, leading to a hemmorfage in 2001, which lead to her dea ( Full Answer )

Is Alice a nickname for Alexandra?

It Depends On What You As Parents Think Personally I Dont Think It Is I Think Alex Is An Appropiate Name :)

How did Alexandra Romanov cause the revolution?

She did not. It was the bolshevik's anger and hatred toward the entire family. Alexandra was a factor in causing the the Russian Revolution. She was of German origin and very aloof in her manner. She was never fully accepted or liked by the Russian people, especially when World War 1 with German ( Full Answer )

Where was the lighthouse of Alexandra built?

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known at the Pharos of Alexandria, built between 280 and 274BC, was built at Alexandria, Egypt. It was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world

What are Alexandra Burkes favourite clothes?

Well, on days out Skinny Pink/white Jeans with belt Well, on days to signings ect Shiny gold dress MAINLY shiny dimondy accories and tennis outfit but designer

What year was Alexandra born?

Well, if ur talking about Alexandra Caldor (the artist) he was born in Lawton, Pennnsylvania on July 22nd 1898. He died on November 11th 1976 at the age of 78 suffering from heart attack.

Does Alexandra Burke reply to letters?

She is unable to reply to individual letters but if you write to her you can ask for an autograph: Alexandra Burke C/O SONY BMG Music Entertainment 9 Derry Street London, W8 5HY UK

What year was Saint Alexandra born?

Alexandra was born sometime in the late 3rd century. The precise date is unkown. She was martyred about the year 300 AD,

What is Alexandra in Portuguese?

Exactly that: Alexandra. The spelling isn't the same as in English, though: The X is spelled sh, as in shown, shun, shaq.

What was Alexandra religion?

Are you asking about a city or a person? If a person, why is it anyone elses business??? If a city, which city named Alexandria? And which time period? For Alexandria, Egypt the native Egyptian Gods were worshiped when the city was founded thousands of years ago. After the Roman Empire conquer ( Full Answer )

Who is Alexandra Stan?

Alexandra Ioanna Stan is a Romanian singer. She released her début single, "Lollipop", in late 2009. The song impacted United States mainstream radios in early 2010, peaking at number-eighteen.

Who is Alexandra puustinen?

She is a 14 yr old girl who goes to maunuulan yhteiskoulu. sheloves fairies and acts like a child. she is also quite naive