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What is Alien X power?

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Alien X's power is to warp reality

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Who is ALIEN X?

Alien X is not exactly the most power full alien, it belongs to an alien species called SABIONS in this species there are aliens more powerfull than Alien X.

What is Ben 10 alien x power?

Alien X's power is to warp (twist) reality.

Who IS the ALien x?

alien x is the first alien ben has that is a god he's the universe he can create whatever universe he imagines but ben has trouble using him because he's so powerful when ben's alien x he gets paralise because of all the power within alien x (paradox hinted that in the future ben will gain power and control of alien x)

Who is power full alien in ben10 alien force?

Alien x because he has unlimited powers he can bend time and space

How many powers does Alien X from Ben 10 Alien Force have?

the only power alien x has is that every thing he thinks comes true but alien x has too much power that when ben turns into him then he is in this other place in the omnitrix with these two heads one with happiness and one with maddness so after the day that happened, ben never wanted to turn into alien x again

Who is alien X from Ben 10 Alien Force?

Alien x is an alien which can travel backin time.... that's all i know about Alien X.

What does alien x do?

Alien x can warp reality itself.

Who is more powerful Superman or alien x?

alien x

How to unlock alien x in ben 10 alien force the game?

you cant unlock alien x

Will nano alien x be in fusionfall?

yes because they voted for alien x nano in the alien off

Will there be an Alien X figure?

There is now! yay Alien X is my favourite

What is alien x x10 code?

alien x x10 code

How do you get Alien X on the omnitrix?

Alien x isn't on the omnitrix yet but there is going to be a new omnitrix with all aliens on it including alien x.

Who is the last alien in ben 10 alien force?

Alien X

Who is the strongest alien in ben 10 alien force?

Alien X.

How do you get on Alien X on Ben 10 Alien Force for WII?

You can not get Alien X on wii. Sorry. But you can get goop on Wii with a code.

Who is the best ben10 ultimate alien alien?

THE best alien of ben-10 ultimate alien is alien x.

Why can't I unlock alien x in ben 10 alien force vilgax attacks?

on vilgax attacks to unlock alien x type in this code on the cheats menu, alien x sst eat

What about alien x?

Alien X is a Celestialsapien able to warp reality itself. It is said that Azmuth removed to voice of reason from Alien X so it can be replaced by the wearer of the omnitrix/ultimatrix. Alien X has 3 personalities or "voices." Alien X is so powerful that he is able to turn his mere thoughts into reality.

What is the most powreful Ben 10 alien force alien?

Alien X

What season of power rangers comes after power rangers alien force?

There is no season that comes after Power Rangers Alien Force because there is no season with the name of Power Rangers Alien Force.

Who is the strongest ben 10 alien?


Can alien x do anything he wants?

only if the "judges" controlling Alien X vote on a decision

Ben 10 Alien x images?

go on google images and type in alien x

Ben10 alien force alien attack code alien x at bandaicom?

its oiaa