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What is Ammonium Hydroxide?

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Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) is a common, though not entirely correct name for a solution of ammonia dissolved in water.

when dissolved in water ammonia reacts to a small degree with water to produce ammonium hydroxide (NH3 + H2O --> NH4OH). But this only forms in a small amount and most of the ammonia remains unreacted. This substance cannot be isolated as any attempt to separate it out will result in it reverting back to ammonia and water.
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Is ammonium hydroxide acid?

No, ammonium hydroxide is a base.

What is the formula or ammonium hydroxide?

Ammonium hydroxide is NH4OH.

Is Ammonium an Acid and Ammonium Hydroxide a Base?

No: Ammonium is a polyvalent cation that is not usually considered either an acid or a base. Ammonium hydroxide is a base that produces ammonium salts of the anions of an acid with which the ammonium hydroxide reacts.

What happens when ammonium hydroxide decomposes?

When ammonium hydroxide decomposes, its ions are changed into two compounds. These two compounds are the same that ammonium hydroxide is formed from. Thus, ammonium hydroxide decomposes into water and ammonia.

Iron sulphate plus ammonium hydroxide- ammonium sulphate plus iron hydroxide?

iron hydroxide plus ammonium sulfate

What acid neutralises ammonium hydroxide to make ammonium chloride?

Hydrochloric acid neutralises ammonium hydroxide to make ammonium chloride.

Will ammonium hydroxide conduct electricity?

yes ammonium hydroxide can conduct electricity

How is ammonium hydroxide used?

Ammonium Hydroxide is used in commercial cleaning products.

What concentration of ammonium hydroxide?

A common concentration of ammonium hydroxide solution is 25 %.

What is the reaction between nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide?

Nitric Acid + Ammonium Hydroxide: HNO3 + NH4OH >>>> NH4NO3 + H2O Therefore Nitric Acid + Ammonium Hydroxide = Ammonium nitrate + Water

Symbol for ammonium hydroxide?

The formula for ammonium hydroxide is NH4OH. Only elements have symbols.

What are the elements found in ammonium hydroxide?

The elements in ammonium hydroxide are nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

What is the balanced equation for ammonium phosphate and barium hydroxide?

ammonium hydroxide and Barium phosphate

Is ammonium hydroxide organic?

Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) is not organic; it does not contain carbon at all.

Is ammonium hydroxide a dilute solution?

Ammonium Hydroxide is available as a dilute solution - yes.

What is the word equation for ammonium hydroxide by nitric acid?

Ammonium hydroxide and nitric acid yield ammonium nitrate and water.

How many different elements are in ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH)?

Ammonium hydroxide contain three elements: nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen.Ammonium hydroxide is a base.

Do ammonium hydroxide have nitrogen?

Yes, ammonium hydroxide contains nitrogen as part of its polyatomic cation, ammonium, with formula NH4+1.

What is the reaction of aluminium chloride and ammonium hydroxide?

The answer is Aluminum Hydroxide (AlOH) + Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl3)

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of ferric chloride with ammonium hydroxide?

Ferric Chloride = FeCl3Ammonium Hydroxide = NH4OHFerric (III) Chloride + Ammonium Hydroxide = Ferric (III) Hydroxide + Ammonium Chloride FeCl3 + 3NH4OH = Fe(OH)3 + 3NH4Cl

What happens when copper sulphate reacts with ammonia hydroxide?

You mean ammonium hydroxide? Ammonia is gaseous, dear. It's not a salt. Ammonium hydroxide reacts with copper sulphate to give ammonium sulphate and copper hydroxide.

Ammonium sulfate added to an hydroxide?

if the ion that is already with the hydroxide is stronger which is general the case, ammonium hydroxide and a metal sulfate will me formed.

Is ammonium sulfate soluble in ammonium hydroxide?


What is the compound of NH4OH?

Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4 is Ammonium, OH is Hydroxide) It is also called Ammonia Water and Ammonia Solution (Calling it ammonia, however, is incorrect)

The word equation for sulphuric acid and ammonium hydroxide?

sulfuric acid plus ammonium hydroxide gives ammonium sulfate plus water

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