What is Amortentia?

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amortenia is a love potion from Harry Potter.

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Q: What is Amortentia?
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What are the ingredients for amortentia in Harry Potter?

The ingredients for amortentia were never given.

How do you make amortentia from Harry Potter?

Amortentia does not actually exist outside of the Harry Potter Universe. Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) you will have to win your desired partner by being charming and decent.Within the Harry Potter Universe, almost no information is given on the contents or preparations necessary to make amortentia and the only thing we do know is that it is quite difficult to perfect. The only other properties of amortentia of which we are aware are its smells (it smells like the things somebody loves), its effects (strong lusting attachment), and its color (pink).

If tom riddle smelled amortentia what would he smell?

Nothing, he can not love at all, Ever..

What is the name of the love potion in the book Harry Potter?

Amortentia is the love potion in the 6th book.

What are the ingredients to make the Amortentia potion in Harry Potter?

Water mixed with a pink-iridescence and silver micro powder works marvelous!

What does amortentia smell like to ron?

Probably something that has to do with A) Hermione B) Quidditch C) candy/ foods P.S. This is likely to be true, however it isn't a fact nor is it stated anywhere in the books/movies/interviews.

What is professor Severus Snape's most powerful potion?

There is really no answer to this question. There are many powerful potions and Severus Snape is especially gifted at Potions. He could make any of them. Amortentia, a love potion, is said to be very dangerous.

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