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Andy McNab's real name is Steven Billy Mitchell. Despite some claims that it is a criminal offence to reveal an ex-SAS member's name, the source of this information is a British Government publication, 'The London Gazette'. This source is not only provided by the British Government themselves, but is freely available to anyone.

McNab has always used the initials 'DCM' as part of his title when authoring books. 'DCM' refers to the 'Distinguished Conduct Medal' McNab won during Operation Granby, Gulf War, 1991. Only 6 DCMs were awarded in this operation; the names of each recipient publically appearing in the London Gazette. Only one of the recipicients, Steven Billy Mitchell was a former Green Jacket as McNab was.

McNab also claimed to be the British Army's most highly decorated soldier when he retired in 1993, holding both the DCM (mentioned above) and the Military Medal. A cross check of the London Gazette shows that only one soldier held both these medals in 1993. This soldier was Steven Billy Mitchell. Details of Mitchell's MM also reveal that it was won in Northern Ireland in 1979, as McNab's was.

References http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/issues/55340/supplements/13620
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Because in Iraq he survived what others not. He is hero like any other SAS member.

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Is Andy mcnab real person or a group of ex sas men?

"Andy McNab" is the pseudonym of a real person who served in the British Army from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s, initially as an infantryman in the Royal Green Jackets (now subsumed into The Rifles), and then as a member of 22 SAS Regt.. His real name is now a matter of public record... easily fo ( Full Answer )

What kind of books does Andy McNab write?

Andy McNab wrote a few non-fiction books but mostly fiction books focusing on his military background and using this as a main motive in his writings.

What movie and television projects has Andy McNab been in?

Andy McNab has: Played himself in "The Gulf War" in 1996. Played himself in "Brass Eye" in 1997. Played himself in "Behind Iraqi Lines" in 2003. Played himself in "This Week" in 2003. Played Himself - Patrol Leader, Bravo Two Zero in "Great SAS Missions" in 2004. Played himself in "The Gadget Show" ( Full Answer )

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Andy McNab has written: 'Crossfire CD' 'Crossfire' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller 'Crisis four' -- subject(s): Fiction, Women intelligence officers, Intelligence officers, Conspiracies, British, OverDrive, Thriller 'Exit Wound' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Fiction, Mystery ( Full Answer )