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What is Ankapur?


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ANKAPUR is a small self sufficient, progressive model village located in ARMOOR MANDAL, NIZAMABAD DISTRICT, TELANGANA REGION OF ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA, SOUTH ASIA. This village is 400 years old and is located on eastern side of the National Highway 16 connecting Nizamabad with Jagdalpur (CHG) also near to the National Highway (NH7) connecting Hyderabad and Nagpur.It lies at an elevation of 404 meters above the sea level. It receives an annual rainfall of about 1100 mm and experiences a subtropical climate.

This village is considered as one of the model villages in the country due to an overall development in general and agricultural development in particual. IT IS RECOGNIZED AS A MODEL VILLAGE BY INTERNATIONAL RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, MANILA, PHILIPPINES.

The total geographical area is 2205 acres. According to 2001 decennial census the total population of the village is 6066.There are 20 castes in the village.

The farmers grow BAJRA and SORGHUM for seed production followed by MAIZE and TURMERIC.

ANKAPUR village has been recognized as a model village by INTERNATIONAL RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE,MANILA,PHILIPPINES for outstanding achievenments in the field of agricutltural development. Besides cultivating commercial crops, and vegetables on a large scale, the local farming communities have been raising various crops for seeds in preference to cereals and traditional crops of food grains. The Peasant Association of the village coordinates, organizes and controls various agricultural development programmes. The village also boasts of modern amenities for the inhabitants and is also taking up its marketing activities itself.

There are around 50 NRI's from the village, who are settled in USA.


This article is written by me as a token of gift to my village , where i was born and brought up at this village. I would like to inform my village mates that any person willing to participate in the development of the village by involving in social service or any other social activities can contact me. iam looking for the like minded people who are willing to join with me. Iam also planning to start a website

I would also request my NRI friends who are settled in USA,let us adopt the village and participate in the overall development of the village. Let us join hands and make Ankapur a model village in the world. i hope so.

Any person interested to join me can contact me at the following e-mail id.