What is Arceus?

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Arceus is the 493rd Pokemon. It is a new Pokemon that was added to Pokemon: Diamond and Pokemon: Pearl. The only way to get it right now is to use a cheating device because he is an event Pokemon and the event hasn't happened yet.


he is the god of Pokemon.


Arceus is the last Pokemon in the pokedex. it is the strongest Pokemon ever and the rarest out there today if you want to get it in diamond/pearl search (on this website) "how to get arceus on Pokemon diamond "and read the one about the guy in jubilife tv station.




diamond description - It is described as the polemon that shaped the world with its 1,000 arms

pearl - It is told in mythology that this Pokemon was born before the universe itself

This is the latest Pokemon, available only via event or a hacking chip. please note the event hasn't happened yet. In either game you can acquire a series of plates that when equiped to arceus, can change the element of arceus and the colour of his back.

I'ts a legendary Pokemon that can change type by holding different plates

It is basically the god of all Pokemon . He only comes if you obtain the special Flute and walk up to where dialga/palkia sleep / lie. The flutes name is the azure flute.

stairs will apear over spear pillar walk up it you will see him/her

It is something that only Chuck Norris can kill

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Q: What is Arceus?
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