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Sushi and Strawberrys!
her favorite fruits are water mellon and strawberries her favorite food is sushi her favorite snack food is pop-tarts

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I'm here to find out the answer

she likes all colours coz i cheated and asked her on skype

Ariana Grande's best song is love me harder

Ariana Grandes official Twitter account is @ArianaGrande.

Ariana Melanie Anne Grannde what is ariana's priv facebook?

Ariana Grande does not tell the public of any back-up Facebook accounts she has.

Joan Grande and Edward Butera

naturally red? no. she did dye it for Victorious

ariana favorite color is pink red

Ariana Grande has never mentioned where her her great great grandparents are from in Italy to the public.

Ariana grande's favorite fruit is strawberry

The twitter account is (drum roll plz)... @ArianaGrande

ariana grande's favorite holiday is easter

Ariana grande doesn't wear a wig it was dyed. Her real hair color is black look it up !

so if you really wanna know just go to youtube and search in ariana grandes home and she takes you on a tour.

Ariana Grande does not tell the public her any of her social accounts including any other Instagram account she may have.

Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera. She doesn't have a stage name, so uses her own real name.

her natural hair color is dark brown.

her favorite subject is science she said it on twitter

If Ariana Grande parents have a Facebook it is not public knowledge.If Ariana Grandes father has a Facebook, he keeps it private for family and friends.Ariana Grande mother does not have a public Facebook account.The time that Ariana Grande dad did join Facebook is not yet known.

you cant because you would need her dna and plus u are your own person :)

Her mother, Joan Grande, her father, Edward Butera and her brother, Frankie Grande.

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