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Arthur Baer was known as Bugs.

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Where can one purchase Baers furniture?

One can purchase Baers furniture directly online at the Baers company's official website. One can also use the Yelp website to find a Baers store location.

What was Arthur Harris's nickname?

His nickname was Bomber Harris.

What was Chester Arthur's nickname?

"Elegant Arthur" was his nickname, due to his snappy dress.

What was President Arthur's nickname?

President Arthur's nicknames were The Gentlemen's Boss, Dude President, Elegant Arthur, and Prince Arthur.

Do baers shave feathers?

no they dont shave, there hands are to big!

Who was Old Nosey?

'Old Nosey' was a nickname given to the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley

Boy's nickname on sword and the stone?

If you mean boy by King Arthur, his nickname was squire, for being under Sir Kay until retrieving the sword.

What is the nickname for Arthur?

Artur, Arturo, and Arther. -dianac99-In "Once and Future King", Arthur's nickname is Wart. In other modern works he is sometimes called "the Bear".

Need a nickname for the name Arthur not Art or Artie?

I suggest thur.. its a good strong name!

Is Ralph H Baer still alive?

when did ralph h baers wife died

What are the natural resources in New York today?

trees,rocks,deer,baers,animls and leafs.

Commander-in-chief nickname the bomber?

Arthur 'Bomber' Harris. Chief of Bomber command RAF in WW2.

Why george vi called bertie?

'Bertie' is a nickname of Albert. His full name was Albert Frederick Arthur George .

What was the nickname given to the white house when jfk was president?

"Camelot" is the term- a reference to King Arthur and his idyllic kingdom.

How is the nickname Fair Gwen of Air connected to the legend of King Arthur?

Freak is interested in King Arthur, knights and such, and his mother's name is Guinevere. When he refers to her as Fair Guinevere, Max hears it as "Gwen of Air."

Why do bears use caves as shelters?

Caves are big enough for baers, and bears are smat enough to know it's safer to have your back to a wall .

How did Howlin Wolf get his nickname?

His grandma told him stories about nursery rhymes. Chester Arthur Burnett was a smooth devil onstage, but a family man off... Howlin' Wolf got his nickname when a dead man came out of the graveyard and tuned his guitar for him, and he had been howlin' ever since.

What animal is Arthur from 'Arthur'?

Arthur Read is an aardvark.

What is Andromeda's nickname?

Nickname? Why should she have a nickname?

What was Georgia O'Keeffe's nickname?

No nickname.No nickname is known.

What are good furniture stores in Florida?

Baers is a store located in Florida. Another which has locations in Florida is called Ashley's Furniture. These are just a couple to choose from in the Florida area.

Whom attended the University of California on a tennis scholarship?

=Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe=

Who played arthur in the movie arthur?

in the 2010 movie arthur, Russel Brand plays Arthur.

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