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According to a popular Ashton Kutcher fan site, his favorite color is red. See the related link for more info.
his favorite colour is... red

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What is Ashton Kutchers favorite TV show?

Jershey Shore

What is Ashton Kutchers favorite football team?

The Chicago Bears

What is Ashton Kutchers profession?


What is Ashton Kutchers sons name?

He doesn't have a son.

What is Ashton kutchers full name?

Aston Kutcher's full name is Christopher Ashton Kutcher

What was Ashton kutchers name in the 70s show?

Michael Kelso

What was Ashton kutchers first tv appearance?

That '70s show

What is Ashton Irwin's favorite color?

His favorite color is red.

What is Ashton kutchers name on two and a halve men?

Walden Schmit

What is Ashton Kutchers email address? but this too Ashton's the msn address....

What is Ashton Kutchers character on that 70s show?

He plays a dumb,and funney guy named Kelso.

Is pink a gay singer?

no on Ashton Kutchers MTV prank show her boyfriend or husband I forget set her up.

What is Ashton Kutchers address?

9740 Oak Pass Road 90210 Los Angeles, Beverly Hills CA United States

How much is Ashton Kutcher worth?

Ashton Kutchers net worth is around 40-45 Millionaccording to this website tells you how much celebrities are worth and how much they make a year.

Which famous rapper featured on Justin biebes hit single baby andalso stars in Ashton Kutchers no strings attached?

Luda Chris

What is the name of Ashton Kutchers wife?

He is married to 46 year old Actress Demi Moore who was in movies like Ghost,Charlies Angels,A few Good Men,Indecent Exposure, and Disclosure.

What is Ashton Kutcher's favorite animal?


What is Ashton Kutcher's favorite food?


What was Louise braille favorite color?

he did not have a favorite

Miley's favorite actor?

She says in every magazine her favorite actor is Ashton Kutcher!

What color eye color does Ashton Merry Gold have?

Aston Merrygold has brown eyes.

What was dr.seuss favorite color?

Dr. Suess' favorite color was purle.

Who is Miley Cyrus' favorite actor?

She says in every magazine her favorite actor is Ashton Kutcher!

What' Big Time Rush's favorite color?

Logan's Favorite Color is Black Kendall's Favorite Color is Green James's Favorite Color is Green Carlos's Favorite Color is Purple

What Zendaya Colman favorite color?

Her favorite color is pink