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What is Ayshire's highest waterfall?

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2008-10-10 21:08:13

Ayrshire's highest waterfall (Aprox 60 - 70ft high), The Spout

of Garnock or Garnock Spout[1], tumbles noisily over a rocky and a

somewhat steep downward slope, forming a wild and lonely furious

rush of water which is particularly impressive when in spate. It is

not the source of the River Garnock, as is sometimes said, but is

located about a mile and a half from the rivers birth. The hike to

the falls is not an easy one, but if well planned is rewarding, and

will take you past the Murchan Spout[2] which is also worth a

visit. Actually I think its the Linford which is in the woods 3km

south of Fairlie. The "Linnford falls" are considerably smaller in

size than the Spout of Garnock although also worth a visit and

easier to get to.

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