What is Bait and hook?

HOOKS There are hundreds of hooks patterns on the market and it is hardly surprising that the beginner often makes an unsuitable choice.Luckly,manufacturers have begun to realise this and some are now stating clearly on the packed to which type of fishing each hook is suited.In its simplest terms, you should be fishing small,hooks with small bait for small fish i.e(18-22 size with pinkie or maggot)The bigger the fish the bigger the hook i.e(10-12 size with bread flake) .Size 4-6 for bigger fish like carp. HOOK SIZES Hooks sizes are denoted by numbers,with the smallest corse-fishing hooks starting at 30 and increasing in size 1.However,sizes may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. MANUFACTURERS OF HOOKS Kamasan, Tubertini, Maver, Drennan. They are but a few name's. BAIT You can talk all you want about secert rigs,fancy tackle and deadly flavourings,but the undeniable truth is that if the fish that you are fishing does not like the bait you have you wont catch. HERE ARE DIFFERENT MAGGOTS. Maggots;the larvae of the bluebottle. Pinkies;the larvae of greenbottles. Squatts;the larvae of the housefly. Casters;are the chrysalis stage of maggots,before they emerge as flys HERE ARE DIFFERENT WORMS. lobworms. Dendrobaenas. Redworms. BREAD AND PARTICLE BAITS Breadflake. Breadpunch. Hemp. Tares. Sweetcorn. MAN MADE BAITS Pastes. Boilies. Cheese. Processed meat. Dog biscuits. Remember one will not work with the other!!!