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What is Batista's real name?

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Batista's real name is David Michael Bautista, Jr.
Dave batista

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What is Batistas real Name?

Dave batista

Batistas real name?

Dave Batista

Whats batistas real name?

Batista's real name is David Batista.

Are WWE Batistas tattoos real?

Yes they are

What does batista stand for?

batista doest stand for is Dave batistas last name.his real name is Dave bautista.his ring name is spelled differently than his last name.

What is the full name of the wrestler Batista?

David Michael Bautista, JrBatistas real name is Dave Bautista.David Michael Bautista - He shortened his last name, Bautista, to be Batista as his stage name. Clever, eh?

What is WWE batistas email?

batistas email addres is by mantvydas best person in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Who batistas girlfriend?

he has no gf

What is batistas first name?

Its Dave Michael Baitista jr. he actually spells his name in wrestling like Batista when its actually Baitista

Is Dave Batistas daughter dead?


When was Batistas first match?


What is Batistas hometown?

Washington, DC.

What happened to batistas back?

He Got Injured

What is Dave batistas nationality?

He is half phillipino

Is there pictures of batistas daughters?

Only in his book

Who was batistas debut against?

randy orton

Who sings Batistas new theme music?


Batistas entrance music?

I walk alone by Saliva

What is batistas theme song?

I walk alone by saliva

Is david batistas parents from Guatemala?

his father is philippino.

What is batistas nationality?

He is part Filipino and part Greek

Dave batistas home land?

Washington D.C

What is batistas website?

www.demon-wrestling.comis Batista's official website

How old are batistas children?

give me batista mobile number

What does WWE batistas daughters look like?

m m