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What is Ben Franklin's middle name?

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His middle name was David.

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Q: What is Ben Franklin's middle name?
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What is ben Franklins middle name?

his middle name was luke his full name is benjaman luke Franklin

What is Benjamin franklins middle name?

His middle name is drew

Benjamin Franklins middle name?

benjiman franklins full name is Benjamin josiah Franklin.

What is Benjamins Franklins middle name?

Benjamin Franklin did not have a middle name!

What is ben franklins nickname?

You just said it Ben is his nickname.. Benjamin is his real name.

Who was Ben Franklins wife?

Ben Franklins wife was Deborah Read Rogers.

What were ben Franklins interests?

ben franklins interests were reading science and experiments.

What was the name of ben franklins brothers newspaper?

the names was lugi.

What where ben Franklins political issues?

what was Ben Franklins attitude toward the new constitution

Who were ben franklins parents?

Who were Benjamin franklins parents

What were ben Franklins wives names?

Ben Franklin only had one wife. Her maiden name was Deborah Read.

What is Ben Franklin skills?

what is ben franklins skills

What was ben Franklins life as a spy?

Ben Franklin was not a spy.

What was ben franklins relegion?


What was president franklins rossevelt's middle name?

Delano was what the D in FDR stood for.

What was ben Franklins field of study?

Ben Franklin was a scientist who studied

Who was ben Franklins father?

Josiah Franklin.

Who is ben franklins wife?

Deborah Read

What was ben franklins contribution to science?


What was ben franklins main achievements?

you tell me

What is ben j's middle name?

His middle name is Henry.

What was ben franklins childhood like?

very horrible...

What were the names of ben franklins kids?

sally and william

What was ben Franklins second invention?

the franklin stove

What were ben franklins goals?

to arrive at moral perfection.