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What is Beyonce's height and weight?

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Most online sources list Beyonce Knowles as 5 ft 7 inches. (1.69 m). Her weight is estimated at around 130 pounds. After giving birth to her daughter in January 2012, she set a goal for a target weight of 128 pounds. She is quoted as saying she lost 60 pounds post baby, so she may be around that target weight again.

Beyonce is often assumed to be between 5'6" and 5'8", but according to an article about her in the March 2009 edition of Ebony, she claimed to be a petite 5'3", and attributed her height to the heels she wears, which are often up to 6 inches themselves. This is what she told Ebony. Only several years ago, she herself listed her height at 5'6.5 in flats. This sounds like the most accurate answer.

It's not the shoes that make her look taller. She's naturally tall, beautiful, and big boned.

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