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What is Black itchy skin around anus?


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May 30, 2007 9:48AM

Itchy anus called Pruritus Ani is a common problem and refers to itching around the anus. The skin in this area issensitive and is regularly exposed to irritating digestive products in the stool. Keep the anal area clean by washing after each bowel movement. Avoid medicated soaps (bubble baths) which may irritate it further. DO NOT wear underwear made from synthetic products, but wear only cotton underwear. Watch the foods you eat and stay away from acidic or spicy foods. Epsom Salts, unlike normal salt is soothing. Every other day soak in a warm bath with a good cup of Epsom Salt with NO soaps, bubble baths or oils. This will help heal the area. The black look to the anus is from the irritation.