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What is Brazil doing to stop air pollution?

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People are discontinuing activities that cause air pollution. They are installing equipment that cleans air pollutants before they are released into the air.

you should stop air pollution because it destroys the atmosphere

Going green and cutting down on air and water pollution.

you can stop by smoking

if i stop burning of garbages then air pollution will be lessen

Currently the government of Afghanistan has much more immediate concerns than air pollution; but is doing what it can.

To stop air pollution you can stop using fossil fuels sich as gas, oil and coal. They realease gases into the Atmosphere that create air pollution. To save the air you could also try to stop using things such as gas cookers.

stop smoking you idiet (smokers)

Our coutry pakistan is growing trees to reduce air pollution

their is air pollution because of all our machines, and smoke coming from the machinery that goes into the air which causes air pollution, global warming, and more. This is the reason why we should all try to stop air pollution.

Air pollution cannot entirely stop anything, but it can bring ill effects to the world such as acid rain. This is being cleared but so far there is nothing to say there is air pollution that stops things.

its important to stop prevent air pollution because it could cause death.

i can help in minimizing air pollution by stop throwing the thrashes everywhere...

If air pollution does not stop, animals will become extinct. If this happens, people will experience scarcity in food supply.

ways you can stop air pollution is by not smoking, get smog checks and stop factory smoke and not using your car as often so try to bike more or walk.

stop burning fossil fuels

cars and humans The above answer is wrong! Deforestation causes pollution in Brazil. They burn the trees to clear land, so much so that Brazil is one of the world's most carbon-dioxide emitting countries.

the air pollution is increasing rappidly. If we dont do any thing to stop it, we may regret it forever.

we can prevent air pollution in many ways; we can stop traffic in our city, we can prevent not burning crackers in our roads or buildings

To avoid air pollution everyone have to stop smoking , use less gas fuel and have a cleaner air because air pollution can damage our health and also the ozone layer . Air pollution even cause visibility to our eyesight and have cancers like the lung cancer .

pollution is mixed with air,and it will affect the environmental and also affect ozone layer. so more skin disease will come.

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