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What is Browning model 1922 stainless worth?


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Requires professional appraisal

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100-1000 USD depending on specifics

The closest I can come to the gun in your question is not a .38, but a .380 automatic. bojho was a marking used by the Yugoslavian Army on Browning 1922 pistols made by FN. Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. In Good condition, the Browning 1922 is about a $300-$350 gun.

FN would know when your Browning model 1922 semi-auto pistol was made.These well made semi-auto handguns were made from 1922-1945.several hundred thousand were made under Nazi rule during world war II (1940-1945).

Go to, select customer service, then select date your firearm.

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Your browning sweet sixteen was made for browning in 1922 by FN of belguim.

Depends on what type of 32 ammunition you are referring to.

It is worth what someone will pay for it. There were many different variations of the Model T built in 1922. If you have a rare one then it is worth more than a typical Model T. The value of your car can only be determined by an expert and even then it is only an estimate. A 2dr. coupe is worth around $16,000 in great condition were as a Runabout will be worth $20,000. If your car is indeed mint, it will be worth much more. Mint means just like brand new so do not use that term lightly.

1922-1968. You will have to get it lettered by Browning to narrow it down further

These are mostly proofing marks and caliber and barrel length markings. There are books on the market that define Belgian proof marks

no records of serialization exist prior to 1964 for Browning .380's. The Model 1922 was manufactured from 1922 to 1959 so it falls outside the records dates. There were several hundred thousand of them made by the Nazis from 1940-1944. If your gun has the markings from that era then that was when it was made and that makes it somewhat more valuable. if it has a waa103 mark it has some prewar parts and has a little higher value if it has waa140 a little lower value there both German

No serial number provided.

Depending on condition,proof marks, and what country it was contracted for, between $250 and $800

The 1922 Canadian penny is worth about 50cents to 1.00

100-1000 USD depedning on condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

A 1922 Reichsbanknote is worth about $50, all depending on the condition.

The cast of The Exclusive Model - 1922 includes: Molly Adair as The Girl

How much is a 1922 Ne zealand 5 cents worth now

We can't find that the 1922 model was made in 9mm. Records indicate .32 and .380 calibers, but not the 9mm. Write to browning and ask them to do research on your gun. For a small fee, they can give you a lot of information.

Sol Worth was born in 1922.

Your Marlin model 42 shotgun,which was made between 1922-1934 will bring between 120-200 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Your Remington model 24 was made from 1922-1935.Remington made 131,000 rifles during this time frame.While you do not specify what condition your rifle is in.The rifle is worth 400 dollars if it has 60%of its original finish remaining on the wood and metal and a good bore.If 70%,then 500.00,if 80%then 600.00

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