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What is California penal code 27.60?

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This code does not exist in the California Penal Code section. This penal code is not found in any state.

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What is California penal code f243.4a?

This is the penal code for SEXUAL BATTERY in California .. f243.4(a)

What is California penal code 148?

California penal code 148 is a charge of resisting arrest.

What is the penal code for public urination in California?

Is there a penal code that prohibits public urnination? We live in California. Thank you.

What is penal code 43100?

Penal code 43100 refers to the county of Santa Clara and court house number 100. This penal code is in California.

What is penal code 12022.1 PC?

The Penal Code 12022.1 PC is a California penal code. This is a first offense for the accused and also a felony charge.

What penal code is 220.09 1 in California?

There is no penal code 220.09 1 in CA. I have a list of penal codes and it doesn't exist. Check to see if you got the code correct.

What is the 187 code?

The 187 code that originated in the California Penal Code is murder.

What is CA Penal Code 602.5?

Trespassing. http://law.onecle.com/california/penal/602.5.html

What is 647b Of The California Penal Code?

It the law stating that prostitution is illegal in California.

What is CA 242 PC?

It is the California Penal Code for battery.

What is California penal code 43470?

violation of parole abscoding,

What is California penal code 166?

Violation of a court order

What is California penal code 240?

I don`t know but I can get that answer!

What is California penal code 11357?

Misdemeanor possession of Marijuana.

What is California penal code 459?

The statute for the crime of burglary.

What is penal code article 287?

California Penal Code Section 287(a), which makes certain lewd acts performed in public misdemeanors

What is the penalty for armed robbery in California?

See California penal code §211 Robbery

What is CA Penal Code 4152?

California Penal Code 4152 is for the private land owners to suppress and the prevention of any fire. The landowners may hire fire wardens on their own under this penal code.

What is California Penal Code f647.6?

Check your information. Could not find a cite for this code.

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