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What is Call of Duty mw3?


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it is the next game in the Call of Duty series, it is being released on the 8th November

Call of duty mw3 is the best in the call of duty series.Because there is survival mode!


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mw3 is part of mw3, it's call of duty mw3

call of duty MW3 is already out, it was out November 8, 2011

The next call of duty after mw3 is called call of duty black ops 2.

No MW3 doesn't have zombies.

farhaanbossman is the best at mw3

No, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is. And then MW2. MW3 sucks...actually MW3 is prty boss...nvm MW3 is the best COD game

Yes, in Call of Duty: MW3

MW3 is to be released on 8th November 2011

Infinity ward are the creators of Mw3

you need to buy call of duty mw3 and you need to register for call of duty elite

No, but future call of dutys will

Up your but and to the left

by completing the campaign

No there is a Call of Duty reflex edition that was released when the MW2 was released for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 and a MW3 that was released with MW3 for the other platforms

Vladimir Makarov is a Russian terrorist that appears in the call of duty franchise specifically MW2 and MW3. But appearantly in mw3 it is revealed that he is also in call of duty 4.

yea there is going to be 2. ive heard 1 is Call Of Duty MW3 and Call Of Duty Future Warfare.

No. Since when has Call of Duty decided to give DLC's for free?

It will. It was used in Call of Duty XP's livestream.

No, it will be released in Early November

Yes , it's sad. Btw who do you play as in CALL OF DUTY MW3?

I have black ops and MW3 but I find MW3 to be better but you do get bored of it as you do with black ops but I recommend MW3 but black ops is fine.

no but theres assassin who does the same thing

Steam is probably the easiest way.

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